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Jordan Lips
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Health & Fitness
When it comes to nutrition and training...talking about what's optimal is always fun, but making it practical changes lives. On this show we'll dive deep on all things training, nutrition, and mindset optimization while making sure to drive home the practical and applicable side of things.
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74 Available Episodes (74 Total)Average duration: 00:43:26
Oct 19 | 00:44:51
75: Nutrition Q&A - Metabolic damage, Fiber, Peri-workout nutrition, Mini cuts and MORE
Oct 15 | 00:13:27
74: What is JUNK VOLUME for hypertrophy?
Oct 12 | 00:40:29
73: Q&A - Should you track collagen? Warming up for hypertrophy, How to fix your butt wink, Visceral vs subcutaneous fat...
Oct 04 | 00:57:11
72: @ButterYourMacros - "Calorie Entitlement": Boosting metabolism, reversing to higher calories, and why you might not get as many calories as your favorite fit pro
Sep 18 | 00:40:30
71: Won Dolegowski - Why maintenance is so important, hard truths about reverse dieting, tips for dealing with the scale, breaking the "skinny" stigma...
Sep 10 | 00:19:39
70: What my GROUP PROGRAMMING will be like
Aug 24 | 00:33:59
69: Training Q&A: Cluster sets, EAAs, DOMS, RDLs vs banded RDLs, Straight sets vs. top sets, When to do a strength phase...
Aug 17 | 00:33:41
68: My thoughts on CROSSFIT...
Aug 12 | 00:53:33
67: Blake Elarbee (@BlakeLosAngeles) - Should we call out misinformation? Sustainability over everything, Utilitarian arguments in health and fitness
Aug 06 | 00:34:31
66: 10 Most FAQ I Get Daily About Training and Nutrition
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