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Gab Cohen
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The Vibe Within is a wellness + self help podcast connecting listeners to a variety of topics discussed in a new wave approach through stories and conversations with inspirational creatives and entrepreneurs. Dive into discussions around Heath, Body Image, Yoga, Spiritual Growth, Astrology, Bio Hacking and much more. Everyone goes through highs and lows in life, and Gab's mission is to speak up about topics that need more awareness so we can learn better ways to heal ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are not alone in your traumas and life struggles, so lets connect to our highest potential and heal The Vibe Within

Hosted by Gab Cohen
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55 Available Episodes (55 Total)Average duration: 00:49:57
Oct 09 | 00:54:55
Finding Community, AA, NA, Support Group Meetings, Depression, Mental Health, Shifting out of Toxic Mentalities
Sep 30 | 01:00:01
Anahata Ananda Life's Transitions, Realism + Spirituality, Speaking Our Truths, Healing Emotional Trauma, Toxic Relationships, Stepping Away From Alcohol, Honoring Our Highest Self
Sep 24 | 00:44:18
Depression And Nostalgia, Tapping Into Happiness, Emotional + Physical Abuse, Vulnerability, Seasonal Depression, Inner Child + Shadow Work
Sep 17 | 00:44:53
How Did We Get Here? Moving, Stepping Stones, No Coincidences, Wild Synchronization, Clairvoyance + Tarot, Dreams
Sep 14 | 00:40:09
Full Moon in Pisces, Solar Plexus Movement, Shifting Out Of OVERWHELM, Move Energy + Release Chaos, *BONUS* MEDITATION
Sep 10 | 00:49:46
When Your Body Attacks Itself, How I Get Through a Flare Up Day, Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, Auto Immune, Healing + Whats Worked For Me
Sep 04 | 00:18:54
Abandonment, Losing Friends, Cool Loneliness, Sacred Alone Time
Aug 27 | 00:43:51
put Your Head Down & Keep Walking, Toxic Masculinity, Boundaries, Women Collective Energy, Cat Calling