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Dylan Nelson
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Are you ready to critique mother nature with the same passion you feel for movies, music, books, television, and video games? Haven't animals had it a little too easy for a little too long?

Ranking the Kingdom is an attempt to review animals and finally decide once and for all who deserves to be on top. And while the host will give a score at the end of each episode, it's up to all of us to truly decide what the most badass, high-class, top brass, karate-kickin', take-no-names', no-nonsense, no-prisoners, nonstick, easy-glide animal out there is!

Are you ready to decide?
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Spokane, WA
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0 Available Episodes (25 Total)Average duration: 00:53:01
May 04 | 01:38:27
Apr 04 | 01:25:38
Electric Eel
Mar 20 | 01:14:22
Mar 07 | 01:07:44
Feb 22 | 01:00:23
Feb 06 | 01:09:31
Komodo Dragon
Jan 23 | 00:59:36
Jan 16 | 00:25:32
Head-to-Head 03: Crocodiles vs. Killer Whales
Jan 09 | 01:03:21
Jan 01 | 00:11:15
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Oct 25, 2018 by mbreviewer

This guy gets it. While it could long be said that humanity suffered from having failed to put animals through a rigorous evaluation system resulting in a numerical grade on a podcast, no longer. Your host Dylan has the curiosity required for the job and is either going to find the answers or let you know that he couldn't. Give a listen and explore some of the pressing matters involving life on Earth of these or any times. Highly recommended.

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