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  • Blazing Caribou Studios
    The Varmints! podcast is an education/comedy podcast that's all about animals! Every week two nerds name Paul and Donna do a whole bunch of research to bring you a mix of science, education, pop culture and comedy about all things that creep, crawl, slither, fly, jump, hop and swim on this planet one animal a...
  • Life, Death and Taxonomy
    Learn about all things animalia in this family friendly podcast. Each week Joe and Carlos dive deep into nature to find animals that have at least one amazing talent they use to survive. Gather up some animal knowledge and crazy nature facts to drop on your friends at parties with each new episode of Life, De...
  • Farmer and nature lover Chris Skinner shares wildlife recordings and answers questions.
  • Strange Animals Podcast
    A podcast about living, extinct, and imaginary animals!
  • A weekly podcast for people interested in wild birds. Suzy talks about birdwatching experiences, describes featured birds, and shares feedback from listeners. Featured birds are primarily from the UK, Europe and North America. Subscribe to the show! Join us in the Facebook Group at ...
  • Macken
    Learn all about animals, one species at a time. Every episode is loaded with fun facts, cool stories, and unbelievable science. Come discover some amazing creatures! New episodes come out every Sunday.
  • Discover birds through their songs and calls. Each Tweet of the Day begins with a call or song, followed by a story of fascinating ornithology inspired by the sound.
  • Maggie Tokuda-Hall
    Welcome to the world's premier, high class animal facts podcast full of information that's like, probably true? Each week Maggie hosts a special guest and we learn everything you could possibly need to know about two animals. Everything. You. Ever. Need. To. Know.
  • Cool Facts About Animals Podcast
    This is a podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals. We research our episodes carefully, distilling the information into manageable segments, focusing on the things that really make these animals unusual. Thanks for listening!
  • Horse Radio Network
    Healthy Critters Radio focuses on health, nutrition, behavior, to achieve overall well-being and happiness for your animals. Twice a month, we bring you guest experts, advice, commentary, and a lot of fun and laughter!
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Recent Animals Episodes
  • Publication Date | Feb 19, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:32
  • Publication Date | Feb 19, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:35:20
    “And today we’re talking about a fish with a green fin, a bright personality, and a future with an upward trajectory, but more on that later.” Beneath the sun soaked rivers of Hawaii, there dwells a fascinating fish with tenacious tendencies. After being born, the Stimpson’s Goby is swept out to sea, far from...
  • Publication Date | Feb 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:51:24
    A collection of features recorded on location at Chris's farm over recent weeks.
  • Publication Date | Feb 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:12:34
    This week we’re going to learn about some armored dinosaurs, a suggestion by Damian! I love that there’s a stock picture of an ankylosaurus: Stegosaurus displaying its thagomizer: Show transcript: vWelcome to Strange Animals Podcast. I’m your host, Kate Shaw. This week’s episode is another suggestion, this on...
  • Publication Date | Feb 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:49:21
    Dusty Gedge has been an avid birdwatcher since childhood. Find out how the Black Redstart changed the course of his professional life … and hear his birding anecdotes!   The Casual Birder Podcast Don't miss an episode - subscribe to the show (Subscribing is free) Follow me on - Twitter:
  • Publication Date | Feb 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:19:50
    This animal is nicknamed the "happiest animal on earth," but what do they have to be happy about? Not much, beyond hanging out with Roger Federer. Find out the meaning of "Rottnest" and learn about the child-sacrificing, lightning-fearing, gorgonzola-choking quokka on this episode of Species. Bibliography: ht...
  • Publication Date | Feb 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:34
    Natural history writer, speaker and Natural history writer, speaker and tour leader Dominic Couzens is at the helm this week for Tweet of the Day. For Dominic the impeccably turned out goldfinch is the avian glitterati, bird royalty, star quality on the feeders. Yet it was an encounter with 400 goldfinch fee...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:21:24
    a.k.a. ‘blue babies’ Actual scientist EARYN MCGEE is here to, to educate you about some spiny lovely lizards! We get into toe clippings (it's more than you'd think), curiousity in STEM and also, poop.  Show Notes Earyn on Twitter Maggie on Twitter Drunk Safari on Twitter Drunk Safari on Facebook
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:15:48
    Monogamy seems completely impractical from an evolutionary perspective. If the "goal" of the survival of the fittest is to pass on your genes, how can limiting yourself to just ONE mate make any sense at all? Wouldn't playing the field be the best way to succeed? In most cases, yep. But in some select species...
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:33:26
    “…and today we’re talking about Australia’s version of a monkey, which is of course a marsupial. Way to play to the stereotypes, Australia. I guess there’s no improving on a classic.” Imagine you’re high up in the rainforest canopy, munching on some of your favorite foliage when all of a sudden, you hear the ...
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:36:33
    Corbin Maxey is a nationally recognized animal expert and TV personality who has been featured on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” “Late Night with Seth Myers,” “The Today Show,” and now… Species!   Hear Corbin talk about becoming famous, saving alligators from teenager’s bedrooms,...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:20
    Plus, more of your questions about local bird life.
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:18:39
    Thanks to M Is for Awesome, who suggested the topic of domestication! This week we look mainly at foxes and how they relate to the domestication of dogs. Also, chickens. Unlocked Patreon episode about chicken development and domestication: A red fox: Domestic foxes want ...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:29:40
    The Common Swift is in decline. Jamie Wyver of the RSPB tells us how we can help this awesome little bird. Also, as the RSPB celebrates its 130th Anniversary, Jamie tells us more about the conservation work that it does.   Bird Described: Common Swift   Previous episodes mentioned: Big Blind Walk at:
  • Publication Date | Feb 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:22:18
    This hornet has a stinger as long as a thumbtack, and their venom dissolves flesh and kills dozens upon dozens of humans every year. As if that wasn't enough, they fly in swarms faster than you can run, and they are the largest hornets in the world. Beware. They organize into war bands and decimate other spec...
  • Publication Date | Feb 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:31
    Natural history writer, speaker and tour leader Dominic Couzens is in the chair this week for Tweet of the Day. Taking a break from his worldwide travels, Dominic recounts why the moorhen is a comical bird which can hold a few surprises that's no laughing matter. You can hear more from Dominic in his Tweet o...
  • Publication Date | Feb 09, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:20:29
    It's our most requested episode ever AND our most-answered riddle ever!  You guessed it - it's the platypus.  This is one seriously cool animals you guys. I mean, how many venomous, egg-laying mammals do you know? Not many, right?  We dive into what makes platypuses so usual, discuss their super strange chrom...
  • Reading horse feed and dog food tag labels, we share our opinions on hoof oil, in critter nutrition we address medicinal mushrooms for dogs and equines and in coffee klatch we talk about what happens when puppies don't work out.
  • Publication Date | Feb 07, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:24:03
    This week, it’s the Corvids! Find out why I was spooked by a Raven, and hear some awesome vocalisations from a Rook that visited my garden! Also, feedback on the birds listeners saw during the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Birds described in this episode: Raven, Carrion Crow, Hooded Crow, Rook, Jackdaw, Eurasi...
  • Publication Date | Feb 05, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:39:10
    “…And today we are talking about the most amazing animal that comes second place in two categories and first place in one!” When your big and cold blooded, maintaining the right temperature can be a challenge, especially when you live on a continent that sees a wide range of temperatures. But for one primordi...
  • Publication Date | Feb 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:50
    Chris shares an unusual recording he made of mute swans on the farm last week.
  • Publication Date | Feb 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:14:24
    This week’s episode is about two strange animals of the sea: the hagfish, which isn’t a fish, and the sea spider, which isn’t a spider. A curled-up hagfish: The sea spider is actually quite pretty as long as I don’t have to touch it: Show transcript: Welcome to Strange Animals Podcast. I’m your host, Kate ......
  • Publication Date | Feb 03, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:24:17
    This highly intelligent bird employs unbelievably complex strategies to hunt in packs, and take down evasive prey. Their social structure is extremely complex and their romantic lives will shock you. Here about the story of Rufus the security hawk's kidnapping from Wimbledon, and learn about an amazing animal...
  • Publication Date | Feb 03, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:38
    For many, actress Trudie Goodwin is best known for her television roles as Sergeant June Ackland in The Bill and latterly in Emmerdale. But during all that time Trudie has possessed a lifelong love of bird watching. At the age of ten she was given the Collins Book of British Birds, which on a well thumbed pag...
  • Publication Date | Feb 01, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:42:34
    Groundhogs! How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Find out the answer to that and dig into lots of [...]
  • Publication Date | Feb 01, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:39:06
    ‘tiny taters’ and ‘the accurate portrayal of heterosexuality-pus’ First time guest TIRUMARI JOTHI is here to blow your mind with the world's hardiest and most lovable invertebrates! We get into some extreme situations, and some silly heterosexual ones with Blanket Octopuses.  Show Notes Tirumari Jothi on Tw...
  • Publication Date | Jan 31, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:15:49
    Salvage logging is a way to get a silver lining out of a natural disaster like a wildfire or a hurricane, but how does it change our chances of getting Lyme disease. Learn about the connection between ticks, mice, and fallen logs. 
  • Publication Date | Jan 29, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:29:46
    “…and today were are talking about a little pair of wax lips that scoots around the ocean smooching submerged surfaces.” Molluscs come in all shapes and sizes, but this little dumpling is an armored tank. With eight shell segments and a tongue covered in sharp teeth, the Chiton has a magnetic attraction to ce...
  • Publication Date | Jan 28, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:45
    Chris has been in Africa following the migration of swallows.
  • Publication Date | Jan 28, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:14:21
    Thanks to Connor who suggested this week’s topic, tiger salamanders! Not only do we learn all about the Eastern tiger salamander and the banded tiger salamander, we also learn where asbestos comes from AND IT’S NOT EVEN LIKE I GOT OFF TOPIC, I SWEAR The Eastern tiger salamander: The barred tiger salamander: A...
  • Publication Date | Jan 27, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:19:20
    On this episode we are exploring the deadly but adorable blue-ringed octopus. This little guy is only the size of a golf ball, but has enough venom to kill 26 grown men in its saliva. We talk about symbiotic relationships, what its venom does, and, oh, zombie powder.  So many thanks to David, our newest Patre...
  • Publication Date | Jan 27, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:17:08
    This tiny frog nearly cost timber farmers $30 million and then became the center of a Supreme Court case. Is the Supreme Court too powerful? Why does this frog cover their eyes when they're scared? What is a species, and what does "critical habitat" mean? Find out all on this episode of Species. Bibliography:...
  • Publication Date | Jan 27, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:36
    Trudie Goodwin is probably best known for her television roles as Sergeant June Ackland in The Bill and latterly in Emmerdale. But during all that time Trudie has possessed a lifelong interest in birds and bird watching. It was while on holiday in the Caribbean that Trudie first heard the call of the male ca...
  • Publication Date | Jan 25, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:13:45
    While it may seem weird to call a nonhuman animal a "person," Argentina has done just that - in their country, chimpanzees and orangutans enjoy the benefits of legal personhood. In America we like to think of "human" and "person" as equivalent terms, but that is demonstrably not the case; at least not legally...
  • Publication Date | Jan 25, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:38:42
    We start our huge dig into the world of witches...
  • How does music affects horses, all about potbellied pigs, reading canine body language and find out if wheat is good for horses.
  • Publication Date | Jan 23, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:43:48
    Camels! Paul and Donna are back with another episode of Varmints! to talk about the amazing world of those ancient ships of the desert: camels! [...]
  • Publication Date | Jan 22, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:31:25
    “…Y hoy estamos hablando de un animal argentino con patas largas y un método de comunicación único.” Nature is weird, and the Patagonian Mara is weird right alongside it. It’s not enough that it’s a crazy rabbit kangaroo deer, but it also has a form of communication that we can all agree is pretty gross. … Co...
  • Publication Date | Jan 21, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:52
    Unheard features recorded on Chris's farm over the past few weeks.
  • Publication Date | Jan 21, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:14:20
    You may know what fossils are (I hope), but have you heard of trace fossils? You have now! A giant ground sloth footprint with a human footprint inside it, made some 11,000 years ago: Climactichnites: A “devil’s corkscrew”: A Paleocastor fossil found at the bottom of its fossilized burrow: Stromatolite: Copro...
  • Publication Date | Jan 20, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:24:33
    How did we domesticate horses? Is there such thing as a wild horse? Who would win in a marathon, a horse or a human? How can I become a better inventor than Elon Musk? Find out some insanely fun facts about horses and get the answers to all these questions on this episode of Species. Bibliography: https://doc...
  • Publication Date | Jan 20, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:34
    For actress Kirsty Oswald, an appreciation of nature has always been a family affair. In this episode of Tweet, she explains how it was her Uncle who sparked her fascination with the natural world, and what the significance of the robin's place in Irish folklore means to her. Producer Elliott Prince
  • Publication Date | Jan 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:34:06
    Actual scientist and very patient human KAELI SWIFT is here to get you fuckin jazzed on the birds in your backyard! Get inspired to go birding, but like, all the time, as we talk about our smartest, wiliest urban neighbors. Also, that mask? From that study we all talk about it? It was actually Dick Cheney. S...
  • Publication Date | Jan 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:27:44
    “…and today we’re talking about an ant that can’t grant kindness when food is scant. Even aunt ants pant for a hemolymph transplant. But more on that later.” Madagascar is a place that’s been isolated by ocean for as long as it has existed, and it’s only recently started to be developed by humans. Because … C...
  • Publication Date | Jan 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:21:56
    It’s mystery ape time! Learn about de Loys’ ape and two other mystery apes this week! The only photograph we have of de Loys’ ape: A white-fronted spider monkey: Oliver the so-called “ape man”: A better picture of Oliver late in his life: A regular gorilla (top) and a regular chimp (bottom, hearing no evil) ....
  • Publication Date | Jan 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:18:45
    "Rock-paper-scissors" is an old game, and these lizards have been playing it for way longer than us. Just a different version, with higher stakes. This is a game about life and death. Learn about why lefties are better at fighting, frequency-dependent selection, and quality vs. quantity all on this episode of...
  • Publication Date | Jan 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:16:35
    We think of nature as a fight for survival, where everyone is incentivized to be as selfish as possible in order to maximize their fitness. But what if generosity is actually the best survival strategy? What if helping others is the best way to help yourself, and your genes? Today we are going to answer these...
  • Publication Date | Jan 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:42
    Actress Kirsty Oswald has embarked on an ambitious bird-watching feat; over the course of a year, she plans to spot 100 different species of bird in the British Isles. In this episode of Tweet of the Day, she explains how a serendipitous walk led to her undertaking such a task, and how enthusiasm, enjoyment ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:22:27
    It's our one-year anniversary! We are celebrating with an episode about... porcupines! Okay, it has nothing to do with our anniversary, but still... porcupines!  For this episode, we had a chance to go to the Oregon Zoo and meet with Bree Winchell, program animal staff and overall porcupine expert.  Check out...
  • Publication Date | Jan 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:26:41
    a.k.a. ‘flashy screamer bird’ and ‘bunchilla’ Super important and totally real scientist JENNIFER LAUGHRAN is back to talk about her least favorite animal: the peacock. We talk about liars and showoffs, and also the rare Peruvian bunny chinchilla thing, vizcachas! Show Notes Jennifer Laughran's website! Jen...