Pokemon World Touractive
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Hey! Jake and Josh
Jake and Josh take you on a tour around the world of Pokemon! We also talk general Pokemon news, rate some names, and other fun Pokemon stuff!
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Mar 20 | Unknown
049 - Where Things Start Off Scarce
Mar 06 | Unknown
048 - A Town That Can't Be Shaded Any Hue
Feb 27 | Unknown
Act Two Interlude - Exciting Bikes! The Wacky Race On Cycling Road
Feb 21 | Unknown
Bonus - Conspracy Theories 2
Feb 07 | Unknown
Bonus - Pokemon Creation
Jan 24 | Unknown
Bonus - January 2019 Q&A!
Jan 10 | Unknown
Let's Make An Ice Gym!
Jan 02 | Unknown
PWT United 060 - Rose Vs. Acantha! A Bold New Direction?
Dec 25 | Unknown
Candlenights 2018
Dec 20 | Unknown
PWT United 059 - Clash At The Homestead! Secrets Revealed!
A "Whirlwind" tour of the Pokemon World!
Mar 05, 2018 by Cassidy MadLobotanist

Pokemon World Tour consists of two separate shows. The first one is Pokemon World Tour proper (or vanilla, or classic depending on which descriptor you prefer). It's a solid rundown of a small portion (a town, landmark, or a couple of routes per episode) of the Pokemon world as brought to you by Bulbapedia. Don't let that part trick you, these boys bring plenty of their own flair to the recipe that makes this show, including my personal favorite, the Name Rater segment. Mix in a few standalone episodes about making a gym, ranking starters, and Power Ranger teams, and you've got yourself a sweet treat that can't be beat. The other half of this podcast is Pokemon World Tour United, which is technically also a tour of the Pokemon world, but in a much different way! It's an RPG Actual Play of the Pokemon Tabletop United system and follows Rose and Cobalt on their quest to be the very best. While PWT Classic focuses on the world as it is presented by the games, this allows them to make changes and share them with us, the audience! It's almost always a fun ride featuring Action, Alan's Pokemon Voices Drama, Pokemon in Outfits, Alan's Pokemon Voices, Biscuit, Special Guests, and, of course, Alan's Pokemon Voices.

Cherry pick and you'll do well
Dec 16, 2017 by BennActive

There's a lot happening here. The exploration of the Pokemon world starts off as a hot mess with insanely long episodes that exhausted me. It gets better later on so if you're familiar with Kanto maybe just skip that for newer regions. There's a smattering of other special episodes that are hit or miss in entertainment value. The spotlight episodes are a little more interesting than reading a bulbapedia entry. This podcast shines brightest when they use their imaginations. They've created Pokemon teams for Power Rangers, summoned up their own gyms, and best of all started a Pokemon RPG campaign. This introduces the best part of Pokemon World Tour: the voice acting of Alan Sells. I would recommend cherry picking the rest of the hodgepodge and diving into PWT United.

Take a tour of the Pokémon World one city at a time!
Jun 28, 2017 by Vakasa

Take a ride with Jake and Josh as they journey city by city through the Pokémon world! These two hosts take a loving look at the setting of one of the best franchises of all time. Their facts and trivia often include peaks behind the curtain at the frightful mess that makes the games work. Come along for the ride!