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A Super Serious Sailor Moon Podcast. Each week we discuss an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and compare it to its past incarnations.
Welcome to Love and Justice! A Super Serious Sailor Moon Podcast. Each week hosts Emma Fyffe, Lola Binkerd, and Kelby LeNorman discuss an episode of the new anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal, and compare it to its past incarnations (AKA the manga, the 90s anime, and the live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon).
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120 Available Episodes (120 Total)Average duration: 01:16:34
Feb 09 | 01:06:50
Magical Girl History Lesson #3
Feb 02 | 00:56:52
LIVE from Anime Los Angeles 2018
Jan 26 | 01:03:52
Magical Girl History Lesson #2
Jan 19 | 01:00:42
Magical Girl History Lesson #1
Jan 12 | 01:05:30
Musical Moondays: Le Mouvement Final, or A Little Too Much Act II
Dec 24 | 01:02:41
A Love and Justice Christmas feat. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Oct 31 | 00:48:59
Halloween Special: Sera Myu- Last Dracul Saishuu Shou
Oct 05 | 00:54:13
Sailor Stars Episodes 5 & 6, AKA Malibu Senshi
Aug 15 | 00:40:01
Legend of the Moon: A Post Moon-em (See what we did there?)
Aug 01 | 00:37:46
Legend of the Moon: An International Sailor Moon Day Event!
Analytic, entertaining, but a bit samey
Jun 28, 2017 by Rupanzel

Cool show that strikes a good balance between entertainment and analysis. I especially like the great variety of topics (Manga, Crystal, old anime, PGSM, musicals...). Personally I'd like them to stay more on the topic of Sailor Moon though, since quite often they cover also other animes or mangas. The hosts are very likeable and it shows that they are good friends in real life, which gives the shows a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Occasionally however it seems like they are TOO good friends, since they share the same opinions on almost everything from which canon they prefer to which actress in the musicals they like best. This can make the show a bit boring and samey at times. It should also be mentioned thst they participate in fangirling quite a bit, which to me is a big selling point, but might not be for you, especially if you like to fall asleep to your podcast ;) Check this show out if you'd like to hear 3 friends geek out about Sailor Moon, with some seriousdiscussion thrown in for good measure.

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