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Hayden Miyamoto and the NoHatDigital team dive into actionable business strategies that will catapult your online (and offline) businesses to new record heights. Learn bleeding edge SEO techniques, business automation and outsourcing, advanced approaches to niche and authority site monetization, formulas for creating buzz using top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as an arsenal of online goodies that you can inject into your business today. Our "Sweet Profitable Justice" segments will also give you an inside look as to how we are disrupting industries through unprecedented experimentation.

Staying focused on NHD’s mission statement, we dig deep into finding innovative ways to drive online traffic, creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, and weaving together a worldwide community of brilliant, like-minded individuals that can join forces to create greatness together.

If you're into shows like Viperchill, Niche Pursuits, Empire Flippers, Tropical MBA, Time Ferris or Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, you'll love this podcast.
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Our guest today is a successful entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and one of the most interesting bloggers in the IM niche.

Needless to say, we're pretty pumped about this episode!

In his book the "the 7-day startup", Dan Norris gives us a step-by-step guide on how to launch a business in exactly 7 days while spending as little cash as possible.

The 7-day startup is actually based on Dan's own experience: the business Dan launched following this method is called Wpcurve, a highly profitable and fast-growing Wordpress support company.

In this episode, we go over the 7 steps that Dan describes in his book, and on how anyone can apply them to their business idea.

Have a listen, and then take action. ;)

PS: The episode was recorded just before the Christmas holidays, which is why you'll hear Greg and Dan discuss their vacations to come.

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Today in the podcast we have Brian Dean, an expert in driving organic traffic to Authority Sites.

For those of you who are wondering how to get traffic from Google without going the PBN way, Brian has all the answers you need.

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One of the most important things to have when starting with entrepreneurship is motivation.

Our podcast episode today will give you exactly that: a great motivational boost.

Our guest today (who didn't want to disclose his name publicly) didn't even know what SEO was 6 months ago.

But after reading a few articles about online business, he decided to get head down into it, reading everything he could on the topic and completing our August internship.


All this hard work paid off: Mr Anonymous landed a $78k SEO client, less than 6 months after he decided to give a shot at an online career.



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Today our guest on the podcast is Jon Loomer, who runs what is probably the best facebook advertising blog on the interwebz (and by far the most popular, with over 250 000 visitors every month).

In this episode, Jon tells us everything one needs to know when starting with Facebook advertising.

We also had Mike”CRO” Terry, our conversion expert sit in and ask Jon a few questions.

If you’ve ever considered using facebook ads to get more traffic, or are simply looking for new sources of traffic, you will absolutely love this!

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Today in the podcast, Glenn and Han have a discussion on whether SaaS (Software as a Service) is a good industry to get into if you are starting with entrepreneurship.

Han is one of the founder of NoHatDigital and a seasoned developer who has already been involved in the creation of many SaaS product.

In this episode, he tells us everything about what is involved exactly when starting a SaaS business.

Let's hear it.

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Today our guest is a successful entrepreneur and a seasoned traveler- The kind of people we like to surround ourselves with here at NoHat.

A few years ago, Daryl Mander decided to quit his job and to start working as an Online Paid Advertising consultant- After a few months he was making more money that he ever did as an employee at his previous job. He then turned his consulting solopreneur journey into a Digital Marketing Agency named Big Flare and started to travel the world in the meantime.

In this episode, Daryl tells us exactly how he did that and gives us some amazing Online Paid Advertising tips along the way.

If you're looking to start working as a consultant, to get started with paid advertising, and/or to start living a nomadic lifestyle, this episode won't disappoint you.

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Today in the podcast we have Mark Manson for en episode filled with knowledge bombs.

If you're not familiar with the man, Mark Manson is an excellent blogger at MarkManson.netwhere he writes about personal development, lifestyle, and psychology.

If you ask the members of the NoHat team, you'll easily find out that his blog is easily one of our favorites.

During this episode, Hayden and Mark discuss why many people fail at starting a business and have unrealistic expectations about the digital entrepreneurs journey.

If you are looking to mix up your current business podcast  regiment with something new and different, this is a MUST listen.


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Today in the podcast we have Hayden talking about one of his favorite topics : using your unfair advantage as the foundation for your business.

Something we realized, is that one of the main reasons for which people fail at building a solid business is that they don't rely on the assets they already have, which could help them get ahead of their competitors from the beginning.

We like to call these assets the Unfair Advantage.

In this episode, we talk about how to find what your unfair advantage is, and how to use it efficiently in order to hit the ground running with your new business.

We also talk about what kind of businesses are the best to opt for if you're just starting, as well as why SaaS isn't a great idea for a first business.

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Today our guest is Alex Ivory who spent two weeks with us, last month in Valle de Bravo, to help us improve our email marketing strategy.

Alex is an email marketing specialist, an  InfusionSoft Certified user, and has been helping many companies to setup their email marketing funnels.

In this episode, Alex shares many tips and tricks on how to use Email Marketing the right way in order to improve your business.


If you feel like you haven't been on top of things when it comes to Email Marketing, then you'll definitely learn a lot from it.

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Today in the podcast we have Mike Terry, our CRO expert, who tells us how to properly use Google Analytics in order to improve your online business.

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Today in the NHD Podcast we're talking to Sigurdur from, a man that will turn your average Wordpress website into an http formula one.

In this episode Sig explains us why site speed is so important, both for user experience and SEO. More importantly, he shares with us many of the techniques he uses to make his client's sites faster.

If you want to improve your website's speed, this podcast is definitely what you need: you'll hardly get more actionable advices than those.



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Today we have Steve Vale from talking lead-generation, sales techniques, and local SEO.

Steve managed to grow his business pretty quickly to 6-figures/year focusing on non-US Markets.

His approach to local SEO and the sales techniques he shares in this podcast are very interesting, and we're confident that they'll help you grow your business as well.

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In today's episode we talk to Gael Breton, co founder of about his tactics for building Google-proof authority websites.

Gael and his business partner Mark have a number of authority sites and have publicly case studied one of their sites, The site is now generating over 300,000 pageviews per month in just over 18 months since being launched.

Gael was extremely forthcoming with his tactics for building "white hat" sites and profiting from proven white hat traffic tactics by putting his own spin on them

You've got to listen to this episode if you are looking for some white hat techniques that work!

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Like our host Greg Nunan says at the beginning of this episode, "Boy oh boy what a week for SEO".

Our post last Friday about de-indexed PBN sites was followed by many articles on other blogs in the SEO sphere (herehere or there for example), showing that Google's hit on PBNs wasn't targeted at us in particular, but rather towards PBNs in general.

Now it's time to analyze what happened and learn from it.

Today our guest is Lynn Cherry, NoHatDigital's in-house data analyst. Lynn has been working hard over the weekend in order to understand more precisely what triggered the de-indexation of so many of our sites.

The info she shares is very valuable for anyone who is still planning on building up their PBN and making it more safe.

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In this podcast we have Mr Hayden Miyamoto talking about optimizing yourself to become truly productive.

Most of you know Hayden for his great SEO skills, but not many know that he’s also a lifestyle and productivity freak.

The techniques he shares in this episode will definitely help you to get sh*t done the proper way.

The Social Experiment : Do you want to learn more about how to be more productive at work?

If this podcast gets shared 250 times on Social Media (Twitter and Facebook combined), Hayden will create a Free 3-video productivity course.

If this podcast gets shared 1000 times on Social Media, Hayden will create a 7-day course which he will give away for free during the first 30 days.

So if you like what you hear, share the love on Facebook and/or Twitter!

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Want to make more money with your website with the same amount of traffic you get?

In this episode we have Mike Terry, our in-house CRO expert, talking about how to improve conversions on your website.

We cover topics such as optins, lead generation sites, Amazon sites, and many others.

Mike also shares lot of actionable tips you can apply to your website right away.

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Solo episode today covering the ultra-important topic of on-page SEO. We've got 10 tips for on-page SEO best practice and what we're doing right now to ensure pages are optimized but also not over-optimized and therefore a risk for a penalty.

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Welcome to the NoHatDigital Podcast episode 7, where we had NoHatDigital team member Matt Stack on to talk about how he's making mid 4 figures from lead gen sites and local SEO. Matt reveals his niches, his site structure, SEO tactics and sales process for selling leads to businesses. We get a ton of interest on this topic, so we think you'll love the episode!

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Episode 6 of the NoHatDigital covers our plan to turn a niche site into a real business. We discuss the ways to monetize a niche site including moving from an Adsense site to collecting leads and then onto a real business that could sustain paid traffic. 

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Nate Tsang is back on the podcast to share his experience from selling over 30 websites through Flippa auctions and brokers. Find out how Nate positions his sites for sale and maximizes the sale price with simple, actionable tips.

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Learn how to find expired domains and build your own private blog network the right way. Topics covered include; finding and buying domains at auction, building out a pbn site to link build any money site, how to link build from a pbn, hosting tips, anchor text and more.

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In this episode, Greg, Hayden and our guest, NoHatDigital team member Max Harland talk all things Sweet Profitable Justice, creating real businesses using our unfair advantages and some business ideas we are pursuing in foreign markets.

As always, questions and comments are welcome!

And if you could give us a 5 tacos, errrrr... 5 star iTunes review that would make our day!



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Today we have Nathan Tsang from NoHat Digital telling us about how he's made over $250k by building and flipping Authority sites. He shares lots of actionable information on adding value to your site, getting your content to go viral, and getting the bang for your buck when selling your site.

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In this first episode, Hayden, Jorge, and Scott discuss the three different paths to online entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

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