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Hey! Jake and Josh
Join Jake and Josh as they watch and discuss every episode of Power Rangers, starting at the very beginning. You can email us at, and follow us on Twitter: @morphingrid or
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Oct 22 | Unknown
Bonus - Power Rangers Megazord Rankings!
Oct 16 | Unknown
Bonus - Lightspeed Rescue Q&A
Oct 13 | Unknown
Season 8 Frankencast Pt.2
Oct 08 | Unknown
Season 8 Frankencast Pt. 1
Oct 05 | Unknown
378 - Reproaching Lightspeed Pt.2 - Nobody But Us
Oct 01 | Unknown
377 - Reproaching Lightspeed Pt.1: 4ccs Of Bats
Sep 28 | Unknown
376 - The Life Speed Rescue Sport
Sep 24 | Unknown
375 - Once More Into The Brooch
Sep 21 | Unknown
374 - Spring Break Propoganda
Sep 17 | Unknown
373 - Hit 'Enter' For Credit
Finally caught up and it's worth it
May 10, 2018 by TheVerySeriousLewis

This is really the only super entertaining Power Rangers podcast I've found. Very friendly and chatty hosts and a lot of poking at things that don't make sense. And since I am finally up to date I am happy I am at the same point as everybody but kinda sad I won't hear them on a daily basis. Also I am happy to get out of... Demon dimension prison? They haven't come up with a prison referring to the current season yet. Another thing is to check out their messy messy Patreon that let's you connect with other fans and chat about more than Power Rangers.

A wonderfully entertaining nostalgiacast
Dec 23, 2017 by MisterBibs

Covering the uneven-in-quality show that is burned into the brains of most people who grew up in the ninties, hosts Jake and Josh bring a unique energy to their covering of every episode of Power Rangers in existence. When the show manages to put in effort, you share in their excitement. When the show (regularly described as a "Dumb Show For Babies" by the hosts) slums it, it's not hard to share their exasperated annoyance at what is happening off-screen. The podcast is well-paced and edited crispy, resulting in a podcast that never feels its length. However, no podcast is perfect, and Morphin Grid has a few flaws. The show's What-Is-The-Pink-Ranger-Wearing segment is an Schrodinger's Cat of being simultaneously two men being confused about what the 90s considered Cute Lady Fashion... and two men being slightly too thirsty over whoever is playing the Pink Ranger at the time. The segment avoids being actively awkward, but doesn't avoid a mild case of the ok-we-get-it-we-all-fell-in-love-with-Amy-Jo-Johnson from time to time. The show also has a penchant for derailing itself on professional wrestling tangents and references, which can be alienating to listeners who made it a point to not watch that stuff since the days of... well, Power Rangers. Lastly, there are some minor technical errors in the podcast, specifically in the range of early episodes. A large amount of the early era of the show is shunted onto a second podcast, a podcast which is spotted with missing episodes. It speaks to the quality of the show when it can be honestly disheartening to want to hear what the hosts said about a specific episode, only to have to go to their website to listen to it. Overall, The Morphin Grid is an outstanding podcast for a not-always-outstanding television show, well worth the occasional pothole.

Fall in love with Power Rangers (again or for the first time)
Dec 16, 2017 by BennActive

The beginning of this podcast is a trip to 90s nostalgia as they watch the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It transitioned well in later seasons to a great partner as I watch seasons I am not familiar with. It's especially helpful with the less than stellar episodes/seasons because they can always find something to love. There's A LOT of episodes which can be intimidating, but just like Power Rangers you can pick it up at the start of a season and do decently well. Like many productions it starts off rocky as they find their way but get better and better as you go. My first season with them was Turbo and then I went back to Alien Rangers up to Zeo and then jumped back to the very beginning. It still worked. Jake and Josh create a friendly, open environment and community across their many, many podcasts. If this is your first Hey! Jake and Josh production then you are in for a *putty* good time!

Fun for Ages 8-80
Jun 28, 2017 by DaoFAQ

These loveable guys will make you into their friends because that's how they treat you. Jake and Josh watched at least part of MMPR when it aired so don't worry about them just being a couple of perennial power punks (no offense guys, I just wanted to do an alliterative pun) who'll make fun of the franchise, you can tell this meant something to them and they're poking fun and laughing with the rest of us not at us, they know the campiness is part of the franchise's charm. Hopefully they'll keep this same attitude when they reach the seasons they didn't watch as it aired.

Nostalgia and hilarity collide
Jun 28, 2017 by Vakasa

This podcast is a delightful climb through the peaks and valleys of the Power Rangers franchise. Jake and Josh are a great mix of personalities that make for a truly fun time, especially when the episodes of Power Rangers are less than stellar.

A great adventure through Power Rangers.
Jun 28, 2017 by RevRyeBread

I've already reviewed these dudes on iTunes but they got me back into Power Rangers, and between their love of the franchise, the positivity of their community, and the exceptionally high quality of the podcast I cannot suggest any other podcast more for your Ranger needs.

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