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  • Flintlocks and Fireballs
    Muskets! Spells! Beards! This brand new Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast has it all! Join us to follow the adventures of 4 mad voice actors and 3 would-be privateers across a Napoleonic world! Sail the seas of Calcinea, new episodes released every Tuesday 7pm GMT!
  • The Dice Tower Network
    Welcome to Ludology, an analytical discussion of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather than news and reviews, Ludology explores a variety of topics about games from a wider lens, and discusses game history, game design and game players. Ludology is part of The Dice Tower Network, the premie...
  • Sanspants Radio
    In which we sit around a table, pretend to be different people and play some good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons. Starring Jackson B. Baly as a halfling barbarian, Joel L. Zammit as a halfling monk, Gabriel Bergmoser as a halfling bard and our favourite DM, Adam. It’s a magical time inspired by fantasy wo...
  • We talk about Tabletop, Board Games, Card Games, D&D, Roleplaying. We regularly have Games Designers and Kickstarter creators as guests on the show. We are many things, but We're Not Wizards.
  • Erin Ayers, James DeBruicker
    Two people. Many, many games. One very good cat. Over the Tabletop is a podcast dedicated to discussing board games, card games, and dice games that play well (or not!) with two people. Because scheduling game days with more than two is hard, frankly. Join James and Erin as they travel through their games col...
  • The Dice Tower Network
    Sean and Ronan are in their fifth year of chatting about modern tabletop games.
  • Staying In
    Exploring the best of board games, video games, comic books, movies, and more, with four pals talking life and the geek stuff they love.
  • Friends at the Table
    Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.
  • Mark Eberhardt
    Coruscant Nights is an actual play RPG podcast set in the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars universe. This podcast is based on that old Star Wars idea that every character, from the background aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina to the Rebel pilot who gets a millisecond of screen time, has an interesting story ...
  • Sneak Attack! Podcast
    Sneak Attack! is a homebrew actual play tabletop RPG podcast set in the world of Brannis, as well as the depths of outer space. While in season, new episodes release every Friday.
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Recent Board Games Episodes
  • Publication Date | Feb 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:02:33
    There's unrest a-brewing...
  • Publication Date | Feb 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:07:29
    Scott Rogers is back with the biography of Merchant of Venus!
  • Publication Date | Feb 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:43:49
    Where we sprint as quickly as they can.Sign up to our newsletter here; our facebook group here; out our upcoming lives shows and purchase your tickets right here; us stream here; https:/...
  •   Richard is joined by Elizabeth Hargrave to talk about Wingspan, how she got into the hobby, being involved in designing one of the most talked about games of 2019 and that difficult second album.. AND THOSE EGGS.. LOOK AT THOSE EGGS.. LINKS OF NOTES https:...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:26:03
    The name is a mouthful, but luckily we here at Over the Tabletop find this biweek's game quite delicious! Exorcism at the House of Monkton Falls from The Screaming Brain is one we playtested last year and Kickstarted. It scratches that cooperative, race-against-time, spooky mystery itch without feeling like i...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:55:33
    With Ronan banished, Natalie once again steps into the Pit to discuss three family game and three more involved games (and Sean's magnificent cooking). Discussed today are Fireball Island: The Curse of Vulkar, My Little Scythe, Jungle Race, The Grimm Forest, Legendary Encounters: X-Files and Mr. Cabbagehead's...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:12:19
    00:10 - Revealed: our favourite Twitter accounts (spoilers, it's @leastusedemoji @darkstockphotos).06:21 - The chaps went to Frankfurt, or as it shall now forever be known, "Coventry Gone Crazy". Plus a visit to the incredible T3 Terminal Entertainment.18:32 - Charity shop find Risk Express is a dangerous g...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 02:11:32
    From their home in the Last University, Adaire, Ephrim, Hadrian, and Throndir watch as refugees arrive from every direction as war and disaster spreads throughout the vastness of Hieron. From the north, where flood waters drive communities down into the continent. From the south, where Ordennan warships displ...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:39:43
    Karp part 2/4 Coruscant Nights: Season 1, Episode 10: Trust No One Dead ends and back alleys lie around every corner. Shadows obscure sinister figures. When walls close in on every side, sometimes it’s difficult to see the hope on the horizon. Join us on Patreon!   Nikki: Find more Coruscant...
  • Publication Date | Feb 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:09:26
    On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the gang makes their way towards Helios 2, but encounters a bit of turbulence along the way.    Patreon:   Website:   Star Warrior:   Twitter: @SneakPodcast
  • So there I was, just minding me own business when the Duke of Sussex approached me and only tried to sell me a Fridge. A Fridge I tell you.  Then it turned out it was me old mucker Jamie Frew, just havin' a laugh with me. Hes such a character, and he's here to tell us about his Kickstarter game, The Old Hell...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:35:50
    Ambie and Crystal host the annual Blitzies, the special award episode for 2018 games! Announcements: 0:38 The 2018 Blitzies: 2:47 --Best Cooperative Game: 6:08 --Most Unique: 7:33 --Best Artwork: 9:08 --Most Underrated: 11:34 --Best Solo: 13:30 --Top 5 2018 Games: 14:56 --2019 Looking Forward to: 28:26 Outro...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:42:32
    Happy Valentine's Day!  This year we're looking at the top 10 games you can play with your partner on the day all about love - from low key themes to romantic experiences.  For our question of the week, we ask a question from Niko: During a long game (1+ hour), how do you deal with a player who becomes uninte...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:23:13
    On one of the highest levels of the city of Saravale deep in the darkness of Mithron, our adventurers find a thirty foot wide, thirty foot tall stone door sealed with magic and covered in frost. What is inside you may ask? That is also a question our adventurers have. Find out with them today on Four Orbs!SOC...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:42:06
    One year, baby! We did it. It's our first anniversary, and we're celebrating by ... putting out an episode of the podcast. We got a couple of reader questions that we thought would be especially pertinent for this occasion, as we look back on the impact Board Game Barrage has had on us. Before we pop the cham...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:03:21
    With money in their pockets, the boys do what boys do...go SHOPPING! Check out as our heroes boost themselves on their day off in Malvesta!   Find out this week on the Dicey D20!  Check out our sponsor: and use code: diceyd20 for %15 off!     Please Consider Supporting Us On Patreon https://ww...
  • Publication Date | Feb 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | Unknown
    In the first episode of Board Game Backstory, we examine the game Bora Bora by Stefan Feld. In this, and every episode of Board Game Backstory, I, Geof Gambill, will examine a game, how it plays, and the time and place where the game is set. This historical backdrop will, hopefully, increase your enjoyment of...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | Unknown
    April, Mel, and Sammy Dell are all going up to their grammy's house for the summer. But according to their cousin Janey that place is wicked haunted. Is she right? Who's to say? Join Josh, Shannon, Alan, and GM Jake in the first episode of Smawl Problems!Twitter: @CKTcastEmail: about th...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:08:43
    Will the party emerge from the cave victorious? Kaitoa smashes. Rook practices archery. Beleg shatters expectations. Steve puts his primeval awareness and animal insights to use#8230;
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:36:49
    EVENT DECK: We do not have time for winter break, although it is a beautiful winter in Poland, and even more beautiful winter summer in Florida! The contest is on, w talk about L.A. Crimes, Imperial Settlers RollWrite, Aftershock, Futuropia, and many more games! STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Your Questions are Answer...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:26:50
    Join the Meeple Nation with your hosts Nathan and Ryan as they discuss the board game news for February 2019. Will every property release a roll write version? Will Nathan buy all the kickstarters? Only one way to find out... We discuss:   The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth Chronicles of Crime:...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:58:09
    Deep in the abandoned dwarven city of Brufvt, our heroes are forced into an icy confrontation. The party gets to know each other better through sourness, battlecries, and madness-inducing flame blades. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten to make Engineer Sam do his recap.
  • Hey Now Cabalists! Today the lords start out by reviewing the recently released book called Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History and present a contest to win a copy of the book. Then the gang takes a question from a listener wondering how we manage getting in gaming while life continues to ge...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:56:09
    Mordecai has a long awaited discussion, Zafiir and Jackson get dressed, and all three of them have an uncomfortable discussion.
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:27:49
    Hello and welcome to The Five By. Your favorite source of rapid-fire board game reviews. 00:00 Ruel - Introduction 00:30 Ruth - Otys ( 06:19 Sarah - Wingspan ( 11:17 Meeple Lady - 1846: The Race for the Midw...
  • Publication Date | Feb 13, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:03:11
    On this episode of Murder Dice the Slayers are headed for Sybus to find the Mind Flayer, the World Breaker, and whatever other weird stuff is out there. Will Darius man the cannons? Will Rory climb some dunes? Will Oliver ever get the attention of his other at the public pool!? Find out NOW! On this episode o...
  • Ryan Bob Craig return to chat about their growing games collection, retinal scans and their latest kickstarter campaign Sheep Boom Bah, which concerns minefields and sheep and a whole lot of fun.  Please check out the campaign below if you get the chance.  Remember that GERALD KING MAKES YOU LATE FOR PODCAS...
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 04:25:34
    The party engage in a cross-country chase through the hinterlands of Suul. Each week on Flintlocks and Fireballs, join actors Robbie Bellekom (as Scamp), Sam Burns (as Corzin Horhace) and Ellie Sparrow (as Celestia Stardust) with Dungeon Master Jason Phelps for adventure in the Napoleonic world of Calcinea, a...
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:40:53
    This week Dean and Graeme have a look at designers. Does a designer influence if we will purchase/play a game? We've got insta-buy designers, but what about insta-avoid designers? We then have our top 5 Designers that make us want to check out the game.
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:21:07
    In this episode, we talk about new games coming in, a recent convention for Suzanne, our new video show, and more!  Games include Slap It, Fertility, Expancity, Fleet the Dice Game, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, and ShipShape.  We also talk about a board game app, and then discuss how we organize our games o...
  • Sorry for the back to back long episodes. However, we have a good reason. First, Sara Erickson from Renegade Game Studios dropped by and wanted to tell us about Mike […]
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:52:17
    Brian packs for a trip and explains which food is the best at any airport. The post Best Food at the Airport appeared first on Full Belly Laughs.
  • Publication Date | Feb 12, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:37:35
    After clearing out the Chapel of Urgathoa, the heroes must make a crucial decision on where to head next. Become a supporter of the podcast at our Patreon page: You can help us unlock goals for the future while unlocking fun GCP exclusive rewards for yourself!
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:45
    "Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it." Games are one of the best ways to get facts to stick. We recommend some games that teach history, and games with a historical setting that will get you and your kids talking. The post 132 – American History – The Family Gamers Podcast appeared first on...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:00:01
    We are in the final battle and Gorrus is having a tough time. A very tough time. Enough talking I suspect. You need to hear what occurs next. Pray to Kord.
  • The Digital and Dice Podcast Episode 174 - GM201 - Arctic Antics, Adventures in Cold ClimatesShow notes recorded below:Show #174 of the podcast series for The Digital Dice PodcastShow Main Topic: GM201 - Arctic Antics, Adventures in Cold ClimatesThe Question: "What is your favorite snow-day activity?"Website...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:23:11
    In this episode, Isaac talks with Daniel Newman about games they've played lately, including: Scythe Wingspan Dominant Species Found furniture crafting (not a game)   (48:13) Next, they talk about the advantages of small conventions.   (1:13:29) Lastly, Brian Counter talks about what he calls Roll a...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:48:24
    The party contends with the Cult of the Five Fangs as they try to catch a boat in Glass Port. Hugo is sad for the first time. Angelica is glad she bought insurance. Bob saves a goat. Nyx delivers some bad news in a song.   | NPC Names: Juniper Cloverleaf, Athos Cloverleaf, Zusandar of the Rishkal Lineage, Cap...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:04:30
    Welcome to the Ballad of the Seven Dice. If all villains were just evil, things would be easy. We could kill and walk away knowing we are good people. That's never the case though, and everyone has their beginning and everyone has their end.    I am You (Wind of Change) - Ars Sonor,  Easy Going Tavern - The ...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:41:44
    Do not betray me.Listen to the latest episode here.Join us on discord here. //INCOMPETECH//"Teller of the Tales", "Immersed", "Water Lily", "Folk Round", "Disconcerned", "Touching Moments One - Pulse", "Plaint", "Skye Cuillin", "Crowd Hammer", "Moonlight Hall", "Curse of the Scarab", "Our Journey Begins", ...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:27:55
    With a victory firmly grasped by our hero's mayo coated fingers, the only proper response is to throw a very, very good party. Our website: Find us on Twitter: @dungeonsdice Support Us Listen to Our Aftershow: Sound Editor Musician: Cameron Bopp- @cambopp Dunge...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:50:35
    Hello wonderful people!   Thank you for listening to Session 21 part 3! We finish off the trial this episode and anxiously await the decision of Alister. Will he sentence the group to death? Forgive them all? Maybe the group will rise up against the colony and start a revolution! A tough decision will be made...
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Shawn Andrich from Gamers With Jobs back to the show this week to discuss lay-offs at Activision/Blizzard, the surprisingly successful release of Apex Legends, Xbox Live on the Switch, and more! The Playlist: Apex Legends, The Division 2 Private Beta, Wargroove, Horizon Zero Dawn t...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | Unknown
    Having won their prize money, and then lost  it, and most of their spare cash – yet again –  the crew needs to find a new way to rescue the children.  Also, how will Tazi answer the most unexpected business proposition of his life?  
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:32:24
    Exhausted, off-guard and surrounded, our heroes face down a dangerous pair of bounty hunters who want nothing more than to drag Sofia off in chains. To think, all they wanted to do was go home and sleep...
  • Publication Date | Feb 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:45:32
    Will and Brian have once again journeyed beyond the material world and into the Elemental Planes! Whether its Air, Water, Earth, or Fire, the para- elemental, or even the quasi-elemental planes - these are potentially dangerous and volatile places that can become quickly inhospitable and even downright unliv...
  • Publication Date | Feb 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:01:14
    WARNING! This preview contains a hi-fidelity gore-hit that is not for the faint of heart. As the fight with the Kobolds in the cave escalates, the party realizes that one of their foes is not like the rest#8230;
  • Publication Date | Feb 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:07:26
    Gil and Geoff welcome back Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games for their traditional annual State of the Industry discussion. What trends did we see in 2018? What do we see for the future of tabletop gaming?
  • Publication Date | Feb 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:21:27
    Warning: This podcast contains strong language and adult content Pour yourself a large glass of your tipple of choice, get yourself comfy, and get ready for another session of top quality board gaming chat from the boys at Polyhedron Collider. Jon’s news ferrets have been hard at work, gathering the latest ne...
  • In this episode, the brandt recounts recent plays of Gorus Maximus, Victorian Masterminds, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Blackout: Hong Kong, and One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows. He then runs through his impressions of the BGG #200 - #101. Enjoy!