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The UNestablished Podcast is a weekly dialogue with Constance, Jawanda and Monique. Three women with varying careers as a teacher, pharmacist, and higher ed admin who strive to become ESTABLISHED in all aspects of life. Getting older doesn’t mean you have your shit together. Join them as they discuss relationships, careers, love and living the “broke-rich” lifestyle. Will they ever become ESTABLISHED?
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87 Available Episodes (87 Total)Average duration: 01:17:50
Apr 19 | 01:06:28
Do Gender Roles Exist in Relationships?
Apr 12 | 01:26:17
Grief ft. Jarratt DAMN
Apr 05 | 01:09:45
Journal Entry #2: The Woes of Podcasting
Mar 29 | 01:11:49
Because of Her, I Did
Mar 22 | 01:24:51
HERstory in the making...but burnt TF OUT!! (Featuring Irmari Rosario Ortiz)
Mar 15 | 01:25:56
Blue Magic, Hot Combs, and Luster's Pink
Mar 08 | 01:43:18
Black in the Vineyard (featuring Isis Daniel, The Millennial Somm)
Mar 01 | 01:18:21
Social Media is a B***h!
Feb 22 | 01:47:59
Insecurities - UNestablished in Relationships
Feb 15 | 01:26:08
The Dating Scene Pt. 2: The Randomness (featuring Alvin Dean)
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