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Have you ever heard someone tell you something was a psychological phenomenon, and you refused to believe it? Thinking that it sounded perhaps too preposterous to be true? Have you ever wondered if slasher movies get it right, and if there are genius chainsaw wielding psychopaths, roaming the earth? Well, you've come to the right place. "Trust me I'm a Therapist," is a podcast recorded by two mental health professionals who reflect on pop psychology in its many forms, debunk antiquated themes in popular culture, and explore our internal motivations, from a clinical lens; all the while trying to remain our authentic selves. If you find psychology, or mental health interesting and would perhaps like to know more, in a way that might be more fun than reading a text book, give us a listen. If you like what you hear, tell a friend.

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0 Available Episodes (34 Total)Average duration: 00:50:38
Jun 13 | 00:02:15
Trust Me, Important Message Regarding the Future of the Podcast
Apr 26 | 00:36:49
Trust Me, We All Have Cognitive Dissonance (+Tony Robbins Commentary)
Apr 01 | 00:38:12
Trust Me... We Practice What We Preach.
Mar 27 | 00:42:53
Trust me...or Not. (Trust as a Topic)
Mar 18 | 01:18:46
Trust Me, No One Joins a Cult (w/ Cults, Cryptids and Conspiracies Podcast)
Mar 11 | 00:26:06
Trust Me, We Procrastinate
Mar 04 | 00:47:14
Trust Me, People Trauma Bond… and Stockholm Syndrome is a thing.
Feb 22 | 01:04:56
Trust Me, “It’s a Mental Health Problem” is More Complex Than One Might Think
Feb 19 | 00:51:24
Trust Me, We Manipulate People
Feb 10 | 00:47:54
Trust Me, I can diagnose Major Depressive Disorder
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