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Ink to Film is a show for readers and film aficionados alike. We read and discuss a novel in a granular way, then move to the film adaptation and talk about all the ways it relates to the book, and how it stands on its own. Hosts Luke and James have studied writing and film respectively, and bring an insider's insight into the show. Whether merely curious about the source material or an avid fan, Ink to Film should appeal to you!
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97 Available Episodes (97 Total)Average duration: 01:17:36
Jun 21 | 01:05:43
Ep-94 The Children of Men (1992 novel) part one
Jun 13 | 01:09:39
Ep-93 Good Omens (2019 TV series) episodes 4-6
Jun 06 | 01:13:24
Ep-92 Good Omens (2019 TV series) episodes 1-3
May 30 | 01:18:22
Ep-91 Good Omens (1990 novel) part two
May 23 | 01:12:07
Ep-90 Good Omens (1990 novel) part one
May 16 | 00:58:07
Ep-89 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (1961 short story & TV episodes)
May 09 | 01:41:01
Ep-88 The Two Towers (2002 film)
May 02 | 01:16:45
Ep-87 The Two Towers (1954 novel) part three
Apr 25 | 00:58:35
Ep-86 The Two Towers (1954 novel) part two
Apr 18 | 01:11:44
Ep-85 The Two Towers (1954 novel) part one
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