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Join Ben and Josh as they explore the wonderful world of beverages. Each episode comes chock full of hilarity and comes with a drink review at no cost to you! We're so generous. So check out "America's Favorite Podcast" (this claim has not been verified/may be hyperbole): Drinks With Josh!
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83 Available Episodes (83 Total)Average duration: 00:35:34
Jan 29 | 00:25:40
Episode 83 - The Game Show (OCW)
Jan 22 | 00:28:44
Episode 82 - Show and Tell (VanP)
Dec 20 | 00:49:24
Episode 81 - DWJ Christmas VI: A Very Offensive Holiday (IK & CS)
Nov 23 | 00:31:43
Episode 80 - The Satan Show (BCCRB)
Nov 13 | 01:50:44
Episode 79 - Greecey Drunks with Gregg of Gregg's Guide to New Music
Oct 23 | 00:23:09
Episode 78 - The Ginger Show (PM)
Aug 30 | 00:22:56
Episode 77 - Utah's Favorite Podcast (801)
Jul 25 | 00:34:28
Episode 76 - Big Ben's Second Big Episode (MS Mud)
Jul 01 | 00:35:39
Episode 75 - Two at the Same Time (CCSCR)
Mar 17 | 00:44:55
Episode 74 - Playing Hardball (BBCT)
So good it changed my life
Jun 14, 2018 by Deek

I was going down a dark road without humor or ever knowing what to drink. Then I stumbled upon this podcast. Now I have both! Thanks ‘Drinks with Josh’!

Its like Abbott & Costello but even funnier!
May 01, 2018 by HGE

I was at church and being bored so I found this podcast! Let's just say its not good for church time! Its great during work time and any other times! I would like to see a picture of Josh's mom because she's the anal bandit. I would recommend them very highly! Good laughes!

Hear Josh & Ben review drink in the funniest way possible
Jan 30, 2018 by Paul

The podcast is very well done. So much fun and great laughs.

Entertaining banter and humor
Jun 28, 2017 by CC

I have only listened to a few podcasts of Drinks with Josh. I thought it was pretty funny, can swear a lot but a lot of people don't mind it. That Josh guy is pretty crazy and says some crazy stuff but it's pretty funny. I think I will keep listening and maybe end up trying a drink they suggest.

Truly America's favorite podcast
Jun 28, 2017 by BillyKlubz

Great show. Josh and Ben are terrible people...in the best possible way. You never know what these guys will talk about (or what triggers Josh's brain), but that's the fun. Braindead Trivia is a good segment that they wisely always include. Of course, it's not complete without the drink reviews from the "Kings of Drink Mountain" (even if Josh gives the same review pretty much every show). A lot like Mike and Tom Eat Snacks (which is high praise, they're the best). If you like one, you'll likely enjoy the other. Also, fair warning: the language is pretty rough, definitely don't play it out loud unless you're looking to get fired/expelled.

Wowlizae!! Funny funny... also a learning podcast too! Check out the q&a during the show. I kinda wish I was like josh sometimes. Go listen!!!
Jun 28, 2017 by Curtis

Very thoughtful and interesting! Very very unique lol

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