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Jeremy Ryan
The True Crime Critique is a podcast that will dive into the most intriguing, most prolific and most shocking cases both current and past. We are just starting to develop the podcast but with each episode we get stronger and stronger with our full scope investigatory skills. Visit us at we would love your feedback!
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New York, NY
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7 Available Episodes (7 Total)Average duration: 01:06:43
Sep 15 | 01:32:17
The Colonial Parkway Murders - A Brother’s Refusal to Surrender (Intimate interview with Victim Cathy Thomas’ Brother)
Sep 13 | 00:43:53
The Colonial Parkway Murders (The Victimology)
Jun 22 | 01:22:34
Smiley Face Killers
Jun 04 | 00:57:34
Episode 4 - PSA Delphi Girls Double Homicide Investigation
Apr 29 | 00:59:45
The Long Island Serial Killer (Conclusion, New Revelations)
Apr 22 | 01:12:29
The Long Island Serial Killer: The Victimology (Known & Unknown Victims)
Apr 18 | 00:58:34
The Long Island Serial Killer (Shannan Gilbert)
An honest to god new podcaster
Jun 28, 2017 by Joshua Evans

Most people would not enjoy this podcast at the start as they are so new and it's obvious they are working out some kinks but I think it's great to hear raw, unabridged podcasts before they become so Commercial as so many podcasts have become. Also what I love, that you don't really hear in true crime podcasts is that the host comes up with his own theories based on the case information while presenting other theories that are well know and less known and lastly with the last episode I listened to, they hit the ground running the went as far to interview people from the case, in this line of work that's going the extra mile. If there willing to do all this so early on , I think eventually this is going to be a show people flock to. I do t normally comment on shows but I saw this one had none and I had a lot to say about it, to jeremy ryan and his team keep up the good fight bro