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The True Crime Critique is a podcast that will dive into the most intriguing, most prolific and most shocking cases both current and past. We are just starting to develop the podcast but with each episode we get stronger and stronger with our full scope investigatory skills. Visit us at we would love your feedback!
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True Crime Critique  Colonial Parkway Murders - A Brother’s Refusal to Surrender  This is part 2 of a 3 part episode diving into the Colonial Parkway Murders, tonight’s episode is a rare opportunity, we enthusiast love and live for these story’s , but tonight we learn the pain, heartache, loss, and on going tragedy that goes along with family’s coping with such an epic loss… Bill Thomas , was incredibly brave and showed us a different side of these story’s … it was a learning experience for me and really opened my eyes to what our victims family’s go through day in and day out.    I dedicate this episode , to any family who lost a loved one to a violent crime … our prayers are always with you!     Next we [...]
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True Crime Critique  Hosted By - Jeremy Ryan    Season 2 Premier - Episode #1 The Colonial Parkway Murders - The Victims Next Week - Episode #2 , The Colonial Parkway Murders - The Investigation & Conclusion   … 30+ years , eight deaths = NO ANSWERS              Season Premier highlights a 30 year cold case , and to this day loved ones have no remains to lay their loved ones to rest … leaving many of the victims families worse for ware as the years continue to pass by -       Cathleen Thomas and Rebecca Ann Dowski. David Knobling and Robin Edwards. Cassandra Lee Hailey and Richard Keith Call. Annamaria Phelps and Daniel Lauer. These are the names of the four couples wh [...]
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SMILEY FACE KILLER THEORY  TRUE CRIME CRITIQUE  HOSTED BY - JEREMY RYAN    Hey Guys and Gals ,    Sorry for the delay , I purchased this podcasting hosting site , and I think they are altering the size of my files so to force me to spend more money. Because all of my files are near the same length , and I went from 27 MB an episode to now 120 MB an episode, so its making me upload less frequently, im going to be changing hosting sites or go unlimited , not sure but ill keep you updated.  [...]
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True Crime Critique - Hosted by Jeremy Ryan  We want your feedback, we want to get a public debate/conversation started , or just your feedback in general we can be reached by phone and/or voicemail at (646).836.9403 or by texting us at (646).836.9403 , lastly we could always be reached via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at - we hope to hear from you!  Episode #004 [...]
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I’ve improved the podcast 100% , I think you are really going to see the improvement. We are now on twitter  Also we can be found on Facebook at and on Instagram at I will be developing our youtube page in the next week. While improving our podcast and researching the content for the conclusion we came across HUGE REVELATIONS In this episode. Next week we dive into the mind of a psychopath … one of the nations most prolific serial offenders Israel Keys
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This is part 2 of our 3 part investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer. I am slowly improving on my editing skills , I hope to have it mastered by at least episode 4. Next week we premier the conclusion to the case. Follow us on twitter @truecrimecrit , and we are now available on iTunes!
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This is episode 1 of a 3 episode look into the Long Island Serial Killer. This episode goes into the night of May 1, 2010 when Shannan Gilbert responds to an outcall in the Oak Beach Community of Long Island , this was a first attempt of my podcast, each week I’m learning more and more. Thank you  for your support! 
An honest to god new podcaster
Jun 28, 2017 by Joshua Evans

Most people would not enjoy this podcast at the start as they are so new and it's obvious they are working out some kinks but I think it's great to hear raw, unabridged podcasts before they become so Commercial as so many podcasts have become. Also what I love, that you don't really hear in true crime podcasts is that the host comes up with his own theories based on the case information while presenting other theories that are well know and less known and lastly with the last episode I listened to, they hit the ground running the went as far to interview people from the case, in this line of work that's going the extra mile. If there willing to do all this so early on , I think eventually this is going to be a show people flock to. I do t normally comment on shows but I saw this one had none and I had a lot to say about it, to jeremy ryan and his team keep up the good fight bro