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Not Another Nerdy Podcast is where three Homeboys 4 Life and an occasional Guest get together to discuss all things pertaining to Nerd & Geek Culture! Movies, Comics, Cartoons, Toys, Video Games or even Wrestling! Nothing is off the table for these Nerds.
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20 Available Episodes (20 Total)Average duration: 01:09:39
Jun 26 | 01:22:16
Episode 61: Talking Chris Hardwick With Dork Of All Trades
May 02 | 01:19:40
Episode 60: Avengers Infinity War Movie Review!
Apr 13 | 01:22:07
Episode 59: Ready Player One In A Sex Cult With Dude Bros
Apr 04 | 00:42:54
Episode 58: Quick & Dirty… Just How You Like It!
Mar 30 | 01:02:19
Episode 57: Caught In A Swirling Vortex
Mar 20 | 01:07:53
Episode 56: We Finally Have Stuff To Talk About?
Mar 12 | 01:08:59
Episode 55: The Farmer & The Pom Return!
Mar 07 | 01:19:20
Episode 54: The “Filler” Episode
Feb 25 | 01:26:21
Episode 53: Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Review!
Jan 29 | 00:57:43
Episode 52: 58 Weeks Later… & A Friend Returns
Jan 20 | 01:14:58
Episode 51: Not Another Dinner & A Podcast
Jan 13 | 01:20:35
Episode 50: A Tale Of Kelley, Smelly & 2018 Expectations
Jan 06 | 01:14:38
Episode 49: New Year… Same Podcast
Dec 26 | 01:30:49
Episode 48.5: A Great Disturbance In The Force
Dec 23 | 01:09:01
Episode 48: The Last Jedi Review & An Anniversary Too!
Dec 10 | 00:53:47
Episode 47: A Much Needed Course Correction…
Dec 09 | 00:55:13
Episode 46: Better Late Than Never, Right Bo?
Nov 13 | 00:39:47
Episode 45: Thor Ragnarok Review & A New Era Begins!
Nov 04 | 01:20:59
Episode 44: So Long Bo & Thanx For NOThing!
Oct 28 | 01:03:42
Episode 43: Halloween is MAGIC!
Host needs to grow up
May 17, 2018 by MattsEarBuds

See the host attacking potential listeners on social media. Pathetic. Don't need to support awful human beings

....there's no place like home
Sep 22, 2017 by Phillyb861

Not Another Nerdy Podcast has been my saving grace the last couple of weeks because I live in FL and got hit with hurricane Irma, (DELETE!!!), and I lost power, internet, tv, running water, and my mind for a while. I've been seeing this podcast pop up on my newsfeed because I'm originally from West Springfield, MA Earth Milkyway and used to work with J Money and Danny in Greenfield, MA Earth Milkyway (where else would it be?). This is going back so far that one time J Money was cool enough to pick me up a WiFi adapter for my 360 when he worked at gamestop because it was the last one in stock or something. I doubt he remember's that but from personal experience the man that brings the money is a great guy in my book! I love D-Rock's humor, the guy makes me laugh out loud so many times listening to any given show that my girlfriend thinks I'm an idiot especially since I'm most times listening without my headphones in lol. Farmer Mike is another one that makes me rofl where did u find this guy? #gummyworms. Mr. Bo the host is great no matter what anyone says, right Tom? Love the sound bites, the tangents, his bitterness and passion for certain subjects or events, and just his overall leadership in the crew. #hatersgonnahate Anyways, I feel like Tom just rambling on with a tangent of my own lol. My point is when I had absolutely nothing: no tv, video games, wifi, lights to even mess around with my legos or board games I had this podcast. Everyday I'd go to work and download a couple of episodes and would lis ten when I got home later that night. It felt nastalgic and as if i was almost back home in the 413 because of all the places u guys talk about like showcase cinemas or the Holyoke mall and it took me out of the hell I was in. Ive binge listened to every episode and I want to thank you guys and if I could give more than five stars I would! #notheadnation #notheadmember4life

Iron Mike needs to be a regular host!
Aug 12, 2017 by Spartacus667

Such a fun show! Very Conversational and also pretty crazy at times. It's not just about Nerd news, which every other podcast already does. I really wish that the Farmer was on every week but it's still a great listen, just as long as Tom doesn't mention that "other" podcast he was on. That's SO Boring.

Good show, better if they drop tom
Aug 09, 2017 by Shawnthetomhater

I've listened to this show since the beginning. Derek turned me on to it. It caught my interest when they started talking about Christmas and the transformers and G.I. Joe toys they had received. I didn't pay much mind to Tom talking about his old podcast for the first few episodes. Flash forward to 33.5 more episodes, and I still have to hear about it every episode. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. Even his old co-host sounds like he can't stand him. I do have to say the one good recommendation tom has given is turning myself and others onto Aussie and the pom. That's a great show. Even though I strongly dislike Tom I will continue to listen, thanks to Jay money in Derek being hilarious. You should also get farmer Mike to come on full-time and replace Tom. Respectfully, Shawn the tom dis-liker

If you are not listening you need to!
Jul 15, 2017 by Kelley

These guys are great! If you have not been listening every week you are missing out. It is not all nerdy. It is entertaining to say the least! Thanks for all the great stories! We know how much time you guys put into this. Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to make this happen! 😊

From shit to tits...
Jun 28, 2017 by Whatwhat?6969

I really enjoy this podcast. Tom took a shit situation with his departure of his previous show to make a new one with his friends J Money and Derek. Three guys who just wanna have fun talking about stuff they like. I will give it a Dave Meltzer 6 star rating.