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Not Another Nerdy Podcast is where three Homeboys 4 Life and an occasional Guest get together to discuss all things pertaining to Nerd & Geek Culture! Movies, Comics, Cartoons, Toys, Video Games or even Wrestling! Nothing is off the table for these Nerds.
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Is your Nerdy Sense tingling NOTHeads? It should be because on this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast Tom, D-Rock & J Money discuss & review the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie, marking the FIRST ever collaboration between Sony & Marvel Studios! Was this a successful marriage or should somebody file for immediate Divorce? Has Sony finally gotten this beloved Web slinger back on track? Does Iron Man & the Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-ins help save or only hurt this already flailing film franchise? Find out what the Boys think & be sure to let them know what YOU thought via all of the NOTpodcast1 social media… TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE
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It’s about THAT time NOTNation… Episode 28 of Not Another Nerdy Podcast is here & it’s HUGE! A light nerd news week won’t stop the Boys from serving up a Jam-packed show that you never asked for but certainly deserve! J Money kicks things off with a quick & dirty review of the new Edgar Wright film “BABY DRIVER”. Tom & D-Rock talk about the pros & cons of going comic book back issue shopping before Tom introduces his new (yet still unidentified) segment about Comic Books. Then the Boys discuss Lucasfilm’s decision to name Ron Howard the new Director of HAN SOLO, J Money is curious about everyone’s thoughts on the newly released trailer for JUMANJI, starring the Rock! Finally, it’s the long awaited return of J Money’s LIST OF DELETION before the show wraps up with some great Listener questions in a little segment aptly named… “NOTHEADS NEED 2 KNOW”! Always FREE & easy to Subscribe, D [...]
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This is it NOTHeads! You heard the Pre show of this episode in 27.1 now listen to the ACTUAL show featuring Guest hosts Steve McMahon & THE Danny Abbott! The Boys get together to complain… er… discuss the just wrapped seasons of your favorite CW shows but not before J Money gives a quick & dirty review of the latest movie release… Transformers: The Last Knight! Finally, Danny breaks some news about the Han Solo movie Directors who apparently departed the project over “Creative differences” with Lucasfilm. Plus J Money spends most of the show drinking cheap Vodka with Gay Ice Man (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) & gives us a memorable send off that HE definitely won’t remember. Always FREE & easy to Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share on Podbean, Apple podcasts, 
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What the Hell is going on around here NOTNation??? Why is this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast numbered 27.1? Don’t worry, we are as confused as you are. Apparently, the Boys got together to record episode 27 & even brought guests… Tom’s buddy Steve McMahon & the #1 NOTHead himself, Danny Abbott, on the show to join in on the fun. 2 hours & 43 minutes later, they stopped recording & Tom thought he was going to have a stroke at the idea of going through & editing all of that raw ridiculousness. After listening back, there was 45 recorded minutes of pre show prep & banter, which Tom was simply going to DELETE until… he heard a Meltdown/rant from J Money like no other & knew that he owed it to NOTNation to release this Solid Gold Sound Gem so that they too could enjoy the verbal assault being unleashed on one unsuspecting Dr. Bill! So here you go NOTHeads… the best 30 minutes out of that 45 minutes lying so [...]
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G’Day NOTHeads! This episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast marks the return of everyone’s favorite Snake handler from the Aussie & The Pom Show… Afghani Dave! The Boys talk about what they’ve been up to over the last week which leads into the usual ball busting & shameless nonsense. J Money gives his quick & Dirty review for the new Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise. Then, Dave is kind enough to share his famous Entertainment News segment with NOTNation as the Boys discuss the death of the Legendary Adam West, the New Black Panther teaser trailer from Marvel & More! Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share on Podbean, Apple podcasts, Stitcher or
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Der EES Dahknezz En Dis Wohld NOTNation! On this GIANT sized 25th Episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, The Boys are joined by D-Rock’s Better half, Carly Asia to give an in depth review of the new Warner Brothers & DC Movie… WONDER WOMAN! So what if it takes 40 minutes to get into it? There’s plenty of stories & typical NOT nonsense to deal with first! What else did you expect from your 4th favorite podcast? Always Free & usually Fun so Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share through Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play! Don’t be a Whiny Bitch & give a 5 Star Review to Not Another Nerdy Podcast now on < [...]
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Prepare yourself mentally NOTHeads… This episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast will probably make you want to cancel your FREE subscription, as D-Rock causes Tom to completely snap & go off on a strange tirade, first trying to defend the constant mentions of his “former podcast” which then leads him to go totally off the rails, lecturing the Boys & unfortunately YOU about the downside & supposed upside of being an obsessive/compulsive perfectionist when it comes to editing a podcast. Things finally relax a bit so the Boys can share some stories about how they spent their Memorial Day Weekends, including… J Money’s Family party that Derek wasn’t invited to, a Cookout at Tom’s that Derek was also not invited to, a Wedding Cake mishap that you have to hear to believe & Derek’s funny uber driving story that will be much more entertaining if you use your imagination. LOTS of imagination. Finally, the Boys get around to discu [...]
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May The Force Be With You NOTNation! Let’s wish a Happy 40th Birthday to Star Wars on this very Magical & very Metal episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast as Tom, D-Rock & J Money are joined by THE Cowboy Rich Ethier to discuss everything about a little sci fi Movie that took place a Long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away… from Earth, Milky Way. Plus a bit of Nerd news is shared & a rousing game of “F@#k, Marry or Kill” featuring the cast of the Golden Girls (Blame Iron Mike for this one). Finally, Tom attempts to impress the Boys with some little known Star Wars Saga Facts & although failing miserably, seems to redeem himself when he introduces an intriguing round of Star Wars Trivia to see who among his Co-Hosts is the most “Force attuned” with their Lucasfilm Nerd knowledge. Always Free & usually Fun so Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share through Podbean,
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Yee HAAAAW NOTHeads! It’s time for episode 22 of Not Another Nerdy Podcast! Tom & J Money roll without D-Rock this week to talk about a bit of Nerd news but mostly to catch up & discuss what’s been going on in their lives over the past week. J Money talks about the brand new, awesome Injustuce 2 video game & then ironically enough, tells Tom about the potential train wreck that is Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League movie with all of its rumored reshoots! The guys also mourn the cancellation of one of their favorite TV Shows, Scream Queens. The Pope himself drops by as Tom talks about the complicated hoop jumping that took place while trying to procure a ticket for New York Comic Con 2017! Plus all of the usual sidetracking, tangents & banter that you’ve come to expect & demand from your third favorite podcast! Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share on Podbean,
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We’re Mary Poppins Y’All! Get ready NOTHeads, for an episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast that is definately Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! First, Senior Bo addresses some Family Drama with D-Rock & J Money, concerning NOTNation’s favorite podcasting group, the Nerd Podcast Mafia. Then the Boys are joined by a very special guest from the Aussie & The Pom Show… Afghani Dave! Dave brings some Entertainment news with him & the guys discuss a few topics before the main event! Finally, it’s a Spoiler-filled react & review for Marvel Studios newest release… Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2! Does it Live up to all of the Hype or should it be tossed out of a Ravager Ships airlock? Find out now by Subscribing, Downloading, Following & Sharing through Podbean,
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Buckle up & bear down NOTNation! Episode 20 of Not Another Nerdy Podcast has arrived! This particular podcast literally lives up to its name as the Boys get sidetracked & distracted with so many tangents, stories & nonsense that they never actually discuss one shred of Nerd News. It all starts when D-Rock AKA Derek gives Tom & J Money an update on his Toy collecting struggles, which leads to a seemingly harmless mention of the Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man, which leads to Tom & J Money having a rather heated argument! Then Tom loses his infamous temper when Money accuses him of talking about his former show AGAIN, resulting in Mr. Bo waking up his entire household. While he’s off trying to initiate familial damage control, J Money & Derek discuss the possibilities of doing their own podcast, which leads into some Wrestling talk. After returning, Mr. Bo is still Butthurt & reluctant to discuss his Birthday weekend festivities so the Boys decide to sha [...]
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It’s a true Milestone NOTHeads! Be impressed because Episode 19 of Not Another Nerdy Podcast is HERE! On this tangent-filled show, Tom & J Money are joined by NOTNation’s favorite Guest hosting Farmer… Iron Mike! The Boys talk about Marvel Comics latest tactic to bring back readers, by resetting their comic titles to their original number system… again. Tom is kinda, sorta excited that the X-Files is coming back to TV… again. FOX gave us the release dates for their next three X-Men related movie projects but do we really care? Guardians of the Galaxy Actress Zoe Saldana may have let slip the name of Avengers 4 but Tom seems to be the only one who finds that worthy news. Also, with Iron Mike in the house, there’s a TON of Video Game talk & last but not least, J Money has an epic rant for the ages when he shares this week’s List of Deletion! Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share through Pod [...]
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Crikey & Blimey! Hold onto your knickers NOTHeads because this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast has gone totally International! You’ll be Gobsmacked when you learn that our mates from another podcast… Aussie & The Pom (Also known as Nate & Rus) have joined Tom, Derek & that cheeky Bloke, J Money this week for a show that’s sure to be Cracking! Not much nerd news to chat about so the Boys take the opportunity to share some stories & go off on a few tangents that would make you ask if maybe they’re all off their trolley? Rus also quizzes the 3 American twits, testing their knowledge of British phrases & slang. Plus, Derek tells his highly anticipated Toy hunting story & throws a total Wobbler as the rest of them try to understand what he’s so cheesed off about & wonder whether he’s gone completely Barmy or if he’s simply Daft. Always quite a good time so Sub [...]
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The Force is strong with us this week NOTHeads! Disney/Lucasfilm has FINALLY released the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Boys couldn’t wait to talk about it so they recorded a special prelude to episode 17 to react to & discuss what all of that ominous imagery could mean for Luke Skywalker, Rey & the rest of the Galaxy! Then in episode 17, Tom & J Money continue on without Derek to talk more nerdy news, including an update on Wrestlings masters of Broken Brilliance; The Hardy Boys! Also, a review of the teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok & Tom reveals the fate of controversial Marvel artist Ardian Sayef, All of this plus the usual nonsense that NOTNation expects from Not Another Nerdy Podcast! Don’t forget to Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share with Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play! Follow all of the Magic o [...]
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Welcome NOTHeads! It’s time for an all new, exciting episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast! This week, the Boys are joined by NOTNation’s favorite Cosplayer & Anime expert… Akida Oh Aki as they react to & review the new Live action adaptation of the 1995 Anime classic, Ghost in the Shell! Before that, Derek and J Money give Tom a recap on Wrestlemania & the triumphant return of a couple of “Broken” Brothers! Also, Nerd news and the typical tangents and ridiculous conversation thast you’ve come to expect from NOTHeadquarterz! Download, Listen & Share on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play to spread that Word of Nerd! Check out all of the NOTpodcast1 Magic on… TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE
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NotNation… Come be our Guest! Ever wonder what 110% sounds like? Well on this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, D-Rock AKA Derek Metras is going to show you… what he thinks it sounds like anyway. Tom pisses off Derek by simply being honest with him, then they talk about the new Live action adaptation of Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. J Money shares stories about his trip to Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Ct. USA, Earth for the WWE Smackdown Live! Also, the boys discuss the newest trailer for Warner Brothers upcoming Justice League Movie as well as the latest updates on Sony’s bizarre Venom movie project that has nothing to do with Spider-man. Plus, J Money warns the NotHeads of the dangers involved with selling used/worn socks on eBay, prompting Derek to search for & read aloud the descriptions of some very disturbing auctions. Finally, prepare yourselves for the triumphant & long awaited return of J Money’s List of Deletion & this one is a [...]
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Hair of the Dog that bit you NOTHeads! Still recovering from your St. Patrick’s Day celebration last week? Well J Money sure is & he has plenty of parade stories to share with the NOTNation on this weeks episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast! Tom watched the first few episodes of the newest Marvel/Netflix show… did he enjoy the experience or feel as though he has been Iron FISTED? Also, Sony pictures is still planning a Venom movie that may have nothing to do with Spider-man OR the Marvel Cinematic Universe??? Who seriously thinks THIS is a good idea? Plus, Marvel Comics is out of control with what they are charging for a particular comic book… and Tom is apparently powerless to resist overpaying for it anyway. Finally, D-Rock AKA Derek contributed NOTHING to the show this week because he was simply too tired to record. Good job. Good effort. Fortunately for you, Tom turned to one of his former co-hosts from the So Wizard [...]
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Relax & Rejoice NOTHeads! 13 IS your Lucky number… as your least favorite co-hosts, Tom & Derek have returned for this weeks Not Another Nerdy Podcast to join the Legend (in his own mind) J Money for a review/reaction to the newest X-men themed R rated movie, LOGAN as well as the Big budget Monster movie Reboot, KONG: Skull Island! Also, Money expands on his story about the Nintendo Switch midnight release and whether or not the new gaming system is worth your hard earned dough. Derek shares some interesting (maybe) trivia about which are the most popular Super hero characters Google searched by each state in the country, USA, Earth. Plus, the Boys confront Money about his new strange & sudden choices in Toy collecting, other Nerd News & more typical nonsense to rot your brain and waste your otherwise valuable time. Free as always to Subscribe, Download & Listen on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. Check out all of the NOTNation Magic on Social Medi [...]
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Here comes the Moneeeeey! Here we go NOTHeads! On this weeks mini episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, The man who brings the Money… Mister J Money, is forced to record all by himself as regular co-hosts Tom and D-Rock are sidelined, battling what can only be described as the Zombie Flu! J is still here to give you your moneys worth however (See what I did there?) as he discusses his experience at the midnight release for the new Nintendo Switch, he gives a spoiler free review of Hugh Jackman’s Logan and even offers some recommendations for the week! Always Free to Download, Listen and Share on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher! Find even more Notpodcast1 Magic through Social Media… TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE
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Welcome, welcome, welcome NOTHeads… to the latest episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast! On this weeks show the Boys pay tribute to the great Bill Paxton and are joined once again by everyone in NOTNations favorite Farmer… Iron Mike, as he sits down and shares his experience with Nintendo’s brand new video game system, the Nintendo Switch! Does The Switch live up to all of the Hype? Is Virtual Cow Milking as exciting as we expect it to be? And most importantly, why are so many of these mini Games about handling BALLS??? Also, Derek discusses some of the awesome new Toys that recently debuted at Toy Fair 2017 and are coming to store shelves later this year! J Money finally finishes up talking about his adventures with S-Dogg in Portland, Oregon, USA Earth and Tom talks about his favorite new podcast as well as all of the TV he’s been watching. Yea… sounds like another light News week to me. Sorry in advance. Always FREE so Subscribe, Download & Listen [...]
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BOOM. Take cover NOTHeads… Because we’re dropping this monumental 10th episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast on you. Monumental because we can’t believe that this show has reached double digits either! In this episode, it’s a pretty light News week but J Money has a full report on his visit to Portland, Oregon, USA, Earth and all of his Wizard World shenanigans that took place there. Tom shares a story about meeting Macho Man Randy Savage during his visit to the Sam Raimi Spider-man Movie set and D-Rock talks about the Leaked Nintendo Switch Gaming system, before trying to make a four course meal and do the dishes while recording the podcast. It’s the usual banter and fun that NOTNation expects and its FREE as always to Download, Listen and Share with a friend, on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher, Goggle Play and YES, even YouTube! Follow all of the Notpodcast1 MAGIC on Social Media… TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTU [...]
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Love… Like this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, is Exciting and New. Come aboard NOTHeads… WE KNEW YOU’D COME! On this special Valentines week show Tom, D-Rock & J Money are joined by NOTNation’s favorite Cosplaying Guest Co-Host… Akida Oh Aki as she offers her advice and answers some Listener Love questions! First however, the Boys react to and review the brand new Lego Batman Movie as well as DC’s newest R rated animated ferature, Justice League Dark! Plus, all of the nonsense, inappropriate conversation and ridiculousness that you expect and demand from your 5th favorite podcast! Always FREE to download and Listen to on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play! Make sure you get involved with all of the MAGIC that is Notpodcast on Social Media by liking & following… TWITTER
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Greetings NOTHeads! It’s time again for another nonsense filled episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, here to transmit sound to your auditory ossicles (Look it up)! On this weeks show, Tom, D-Rock & J Money kick things off with some rare sports talk, discussing the unbelievable events of last Sundays SuperBowl 51. Then, it may be a light week for Nerd News topics but the boys manage to fill an hour with some Cartoon, Comic Book & Toy talk as well as more random tangents and an unsettling story about J Money’s finger? Always FREE to Download and Listen on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher! Don’t forget to check out all of the Not Another Nerdy Magic on Social Media too and spread that Word of Nerd! TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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Heavens to Murgatroyd you NOTHeads… It’s a brand spankin’ new episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast EVEN! On this weeks show Tom & D-Rock are joined by Special Guest co-host & friend of all Cows, Iron Mike (AKA Farmer Mike) as they share stories and compare notes about the shenanigans that took place at Derek’s Royal Rumble Party before getting down to business to discuss some Nerd News, which includes Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger TV Show casting, A couple of unfortunate deaths that impacted the Nerd World, whether or not Ben Affleck is still directing the upcoming Batman film, Disney FINALLY gives us an official Title for the next Star Wars Movie AND What’s all the Hub Bub around Hanna Barbera’s favorite animated Pink Mountain Lion… Snagglepuss??? PLUS… Will the Boys actually learn the true identity of Tom’s Watto Statue? This show is oozing with Tangents & utter Ridiculousness for your eager ear holes. Always [...]
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What’s THIS??? It’s a Quick Mini-sode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast to tide you over until the next episode! In 6.5 Derek, J Money and Tom (Who knows ZERO about wrestling) get together in Derek’s attic to record a short show and give you NOTHeads their immediate reactions to the WWE Royal Rumble! Please pardon the audio quality as, for the first time ever, these three were in the same room, recording off of one microphone. So listen in and find out who won the Rumble but more importantly, who even cares! It’s Always Free to Download and Listen wherever podcasts are available! Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Podbean, etc… This week’s regular full show will be dropping in a few short days and it will be MAGIC!!! TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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Attention all NOTHeads! It’s another episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast to quench your undeniable thirst for audio nonsense. On this week’s show Tom, Derek and J Money discuss the latest trailers for the Power Rangers & Logan Movie (AKA Wolverine 3), the passing of Legendary Wrestler “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and even make some time for Toy Talk! Plus, other quick hits, tangents and everyone is wondering… what the Hell is a POM??? Always FREE to download and Listen on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher so tell a friend or even an enemy and help to spread the Word of Nerd across this great NOTNation!  WE ARE MAGIC!!! TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE CHANN [...]
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Hey now NOTheads! In this exciting episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, Derek makes his triumphant return to the show so Tom and J Money give him a chance to share with you the things that he’s most looking forward to in 2017. The boys also discuss some of the Nerdy news that has dropped in the past week after Money gives us a quick review of the new Underworld: Blood Wars Movie. Also, you better cover the kids ears because Tom pays tribute to the late William Peter Blatty, Author of the Exorcist, by playing some rather disturbing and vulgar sound drops! Plus, an update on the Watto Statue twitter, a debate on whether or not J Money’s Ice Man is “coming out of the Freezer” and more of the tangents and silliness that you demand from your friends at NOTheadquarters! Always FREE to Download and Listen on Podbean or Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or find us on Stitcher! Find even more Magic on Social Media! Notpodcast1 to rule them all… < [...]
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Calling all NOTheads! Here’s another episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast for your hungry ears! On this week’s show, an exhausted Derek, who spent his day off Toy Hunting, fell asleep and missed out on recording. Good job. Good effort. Luckily, one of the Crews favorite Cosplayers and fellow Geek Akida Oh Aki answers the emergency Nerd phone and fills in beautifully for D-Rock as the Nerd Crew discusses the possible future of the Princess Leia character in Star Wars Episode 9 as well as all of the movies and video games coming out in 2017 that have everybody talking! Plus, the usual tangents and Nerdy conversations that you expect from your 6th favorite Nerd Podcast! Always Free to Subscribe and Download on Podbean, iTunes and NOW even Google Play! So ple [...]
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Happy New Year to all you NOTheads and Good Riddance to 2016! On this week’s episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, Tom, Derek & J Money pay Loving tribute to their one true Princess, the Late Great Star Wars Legend, Actress and Author Carrie Fisher. Then the boys take turns rattling off their Lists for the Best and Worst that 2016 had to offer the Nerd Community. Also, a strange and unexpected tangent ensues when Money reveals to the others that someone has been tweeting as Tom’s long lost Watto Statue! Who can this rascal be? Perhaps it’s even one of YOU! Always Free to Download and enjoy so tell a freind or even an enemy and Spread that Word of Nerd! Be sure to Like and Follow us on all Social Media! @Notpodcast1 Twitter Instagram Facebook
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Happy Holidays from the Not Another Nerdy Podcast Crew! On this weeks episode of the show, the Boys open up their Toy Box to reminisce over and discuss their favorite Toys that they’ve recieved as presents over the years. Tom feels shame and gets embarassed after sharing that he once recieved not one but TWO of the same expensive and highly coveted Cobra TerrorDrome Toys! The ever Magical J Money partakes in a few glasses of Holiday Cheer AKA cheap Vodka as Derek and Tom do their best to keep him from over hydrating and passing out before the show ends. Always Free and usually fun. Spread that Word of Nerd and tell a friend or enemy about us! Be sure to check us out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and just about all other social media… Just remember @Notpodcast1 and you too will be Magic!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to Not Another Nerdy Podcast! Join Tom, Derek, J Money and special Guest Rob the Leprechaun as they discuss, react to and review the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in this very first episode of their weekly podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe to listen to the show every week as well as interact with the Not Crew on all of your favorite social media platforms; Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat, etc… Just remember @Notpodcast1  We will Be MAGIC! Check out our YouTube Channel and subscribe today!!!
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Welcome to Not Another Nerdy Podcast! This is a test of the Emergency Podcast System. This is only a test. If this was an actual Podcast, it would make a Hell of alot more sense, contain far less “Behind the Curtain” talk and would probably be longer than 16 minutes. Originally meant to be a practice recording to test Tom’s equipment and Derek and J Money’s microphones, the boys have decided to release this mess as episode Zero. Please don’t hold it against them. Be sure to subscribe to Not Another Nerdy Podcast and check out their first official show, Episode One: A Star Wars Rogue One Review! Also visit us and Like us on Facebook http.// Follow us on Twitter or Instagram @notpodcast1 and be sure to spread that word of Nerd! We now have a YouTube Cha [...]
If you are not listening you need to!
Jul 15, 2017 by Kelley

These guys are great! If you have not been listening every week you are missing out. It is not all nerdy. It is entertaining to say the least! Thanks for all the great stories! We know how much time you guys put into this. Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to make this happen! 😊

From shit to tits...
Jun 27, 2017 by Whatwhat?6969

I really enjoy this podcast. Tom took a shit situation with his departure of his previous show to make a new one with his friends J Money and Derek. Three guys who just wanna have fun talking about stuff they like. I will give it a Dave Meltzer 6 star rating.

3 Guys talk everything nerd, arguments and debauchery ensue and they keep coming back every week.
Jun 27, 2017 by WhitePanda

An easy, fun and great podcast to listen to. Tom, J-Money and D-Roc are a bunch of personable idiots that you just cant stop listening to. Every week they talk everything nerdy from movies to comic books to toy collecting. They even dive deep into their lives and share personal funny stories. Overall these guys are very down to earth and fun to listen to. Part of the famed "Nerd Podcast Mafia" #nerdydozen. Check this podcast out... you wont regret it!

You can't have more fun listening to a pod
May 11, 2017 by Jedi Swagger

It's fantastic. It's guys who I legit want to meet and laugh at and with and want to hang with who nerd out, argue, and bs.

A fun nerdy ride
May 09, 2017 by Dave M

Great show, the hosts have a really good on air chemistry. They discuss great topics every week and are alway entertaining. Put this one into your weekly rotation.

May 09, 2017 by Dorkofalltrades

It's like So Wizard with more Tom, and less of those other guys and girl. 10/10 would recommend

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