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Knowledgeable. Iconic. Natural. Konscious. Young.
Kinky Konscience is a new up and coming podcast brought to you by 2 city dwelling naturalistas, bloggers, entrepreneurs and hustlers. Join them as they talk about black culture, sex, love, relationships, music and everything in between. It may sound like girl talk but there is always something for the fellas too. Trust - if the tea is hot, it just might get spilled. Both are unapologetically opinionated and true to themselves.

​Kinky Konscience is more than the average podcast. It's a way for them to vent and give you a taste of what being young, black, and educated feels like. Make sure you tune in each week - you wouldn't want to miss this.
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Chicago, IL
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77 Available Episodes (77 Total)Average duration: 01:09:53
Apr 26 | 01:00:34
S2E23: Yeet!
Apr 15 | 01:18:03
S2E22: Never Been In Love Beforeee
Mar 18 | 01:36:58
S2E21: Our Friend the Jaguar
Mar 10 | 01:05:36
S2E20: ...Just Wailing
Mar 04 | 01:20:03
S2E19: Spirit of Chicago
Feb 20 | 01:47:27
S2E18: Beg,Borrow,Steal
Feb 07 | 01:13:22
S2E17: Booga Suga
Jan 31 | 01:02:33
S2E16: Fire!
Jan 22 | 01:37:41
S2E15: 'Treacher' Man
Jan 16 | 01:22:19
S2E14: Black Ass Bubble
Real talk about race.
Jun 28, 2017 by Mimi G

I've only listened to one episode so far, but I'll be back for more. Straight ahead talk about race, personal goals, and making it happen.

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