Maybe your life is too easy…….
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May 13, 2022
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Every day I hear from people who have been given all the advantages – prestigious university degrees, fine homes, cars and positions. And they suspect the easy life they’ve been given is keeping them from the challenge of adventure that would release the best version of themselves. Are you taking the “safe” route in life to avoid the stresses and challenges that are trying to release your biggest success?


1. I hate to quit a job after only 4 months, but the company has changed what we agreed to.

2. How can we advise our 22-year old granddaughter who just had her car stolen and already owes us $7000?

3. How hard could that be to put together a profitable public event?

4. What are the books you recommend that will get me out of the doldrums, that are as life-changing and impactful as any you’ve ever read?

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