From Fighting to F**king
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Kim Anami
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Mar 31, 2023
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If you aren’t f**king enough, or f**king well, you are going to be fighting. Whether you’re in a relationship where the sex is infrequent, or subpar, and you are bickering and testy with each other. Or, if you are single, and you create opportunities to yell at shop clerks and road rage at someone for not going fast enough on their way to the stoplight.

All of this is misdirected sexual energy.

In today’s all star interview, we’re talking with Premala and David. We speak about:

  • Premala’s history of severe sexual abuse and her journey to become a well-fucked all star
  • How they went from fighting to f**king and barely having sex in two years to now having it 3-4 times a day
  • Fight, flight and freeze as responses to unhealed trauma
  • Our lady of perpetual wetness
  • Buying special towels for all the squirting ejaculate
  • Both needing to work out more to stay fitter for all the f**king
  • Premala having the full range of Orgasmpedia in her daily repertoire: G-Spot orgasms for lunch, cervical orgasms for dinner
  • Manifesting their dream lives from all the amazing f**king they are doing

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