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  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 for Lesbian Erotica!!
    Jul 04, 2018
    On the surface, this isn't normally the sort of thing I would listen to. But I decided to give this podcast a try because I am a huge fan of these charming and hilarious ladies. I'm only a few episodes in so far, but I have been Crying with laughter. The stories can be outrageous, but the commentary is absolute gold. I love it. Not just when they're cracking jokes, but also when they're expressing genuine sentiments such as the importance of communication in a relationship. Without being preachy and/or setting it up as a soap box, they are able to briefly touch on important topics such as self worth, comfort zones, and progressing on a sexual level at your own pace. I feel like this series is highly entertaining, but also - as an organic byproduct - could be beneficial to ANY person who is having difficulty navigating sexual relationships... including with themselves. I say this because, while it is in NO WAY presented as "an advise column", it is able to hilariously break the tension surrounding the foreboding topic of SEX. And they are able to drop little nuggets of fiction vs. reality in there which I would have found invaluable over a decade ago when I first began to truly come to terms with my own sexuality. This is absolutely wonderful ladies. Keep it up! "Brought to you by CONSENT"

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