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  • New Hampshire Public Radio
    The Bookshelf features authors from around New Hampshire and the region, as well as books about New Hampshire by authors from anywhere. Covering mostly fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, it also features literary conferences, events and trends. Hosted by Peter Biello, The Bookshelf airs every other Fri...
  • New Hampshire Public Radio; Panoply
    Our connection to the outdoors runs deep in our DNA, but our relationship to the natural world can be complicated. From the unintended human costs of clean energy, to the murky ethics of high-risk rescue missions, to our seemingly eternal conflict with invasive species, we dive head first into those complexit...
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
    The Exchange is New Hampshire's only locally produced statewide call-in talk show, hosted by Laura Knoy. It airs live at 9 AM and rebroadcasts at 7 PM weekdays. Want to call in during the show or leave us a message? Here's the number: 800.892.6477 You can also reach the show by email, by tagging us in a tweet...
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
  • New Hampshire Public Radio; Panoply
    Why does the U.S. have an Electoral College? How do congressional investigations work? What does the minority whip actually do? Civics 101 is the podcast refresher course on the basics of how our democracy works.
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
    Two barrels, four bodies, and an enigmatic killer. The cold case that changed the way murders will be investigated forever.
  • New Hampshire Public Radio; Panoply
    A peek into how great writers conjure and craft their work. From creative rituals to guilty distractions, writers reveal what it really takes to get pen to paper.
  • Brady Carlson hosts this run-down on the latest in Primary politics, including behind-the-scenes stories from reporters, tales and trends from the trail, and "only in New Hampshire" moments the rest of the country is missing out on.
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Recent New Hampshire Public Radio Episodes
  • Publication Date | Jan 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:04:30
    Poet Becky Dennison Sakellariou of Peterborough is no stranger to writing about Greece where she spent four decades. In her last collection, she wrote about feeling the pull of that country while living here in New Hampshire. In her new collection, she writes of a different Greece -- one that recently has bee...
  • Publication Date | Jan 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:46:58
    Here's a humdinger of a thought experiment: How fast could people go before the combustion engine and other technologies drastically increased the speed of the human race? And how did they pull it off? Skis? Sled-dogs? Catapults? From ancient horseriders and viking ships to primitive luges and "Russian Mounta...
  • Publication Date | Jan 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:24
    The State's Office of the Child Advocate releases its first annual report on the state of DCYF. Director Moira O'Neill says lots more needs to be done to keep kids safe. Julian Castro comes to New Hampshire in his bid to win over Democrats in the 2020 presidential primary. And democrats have made legal mariju...
  • Publication Date | Jan 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:05
    New Hampshire’s five-member Executive Council flipped to Democratic control in November. We sit down with two newly-elected members to find out what, exactly, the council does and the key issues before it this year.
  • Laura talks with New Hampshire House and Senate leaders representing both parties to find out what's in store for the legislature in the months ahead and how the shift in power -- from Republicans to Democrats -- might play out. So far, business taxes, marijuana policy, and voting laws are among many issues u...
  • Publication Date | Jan 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:02
    The Sky Crew is back to kick off 2019 with news of the New Horizons spacecraft and its encounter with the distant object dubbed "Ultima Thule." We get the details on the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" eclipse which will be visible (weather permitting) from N.H. on January 20-21. And we discuss how the government shu...
  • Publication Date | Jan 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:13
    This year, about twenty states are raising their minimum wage; the Granite State remains tied to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Several bills in the N.H. legislature, meanwhile, will look again at raising that number. Supporters say this change is long past due, though ideas vary in terms of how m...
  • Publication Date | Jan 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:03
    With the governor signaling support for offshore wind energy, we talk with environmental reporter Annie Ropeik. We also discuss new limits on PFAS chemicals and arsenic in drinking water. The state rolled-out the new program of "doorways" to addiction treatment services in a series of meetings around the stat...
  • Publication Date | Jan 09, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:11
    Thousands of federal employees in the Granite State are furloughed, some working without pay. At the same time, certain government programs and private contracts aren't being fulfilled, with effects on the private sector and the general public.
  • In 2019, we make a tentative forecast of the economic trends to watch in the new year. From continued affordable housing challenges in New Hampshire, to tariffs and stock market fluctuations internationally, we look at what indicators you should keep an eye on.
  • Publication Date | Jan 08, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:11
    Taylor Caswell, Commissioner of the Department of Business and Economic Affairs joins us. The state's economy is looking robust with unemployment the lowest in the region. But there's also a labor shortage, workforce development challenges, and high energy costs for businesses. We get Caswell's take on these ...
  • With the new year upon us, resolutions abound -- including, for many of us, promises to eat healthier and exercise more regularly, perhaps even to lose weight and build muscle tone. In attempting to do so, however, it can be confusing making sense of the research and health headlines. We'll talk with experts ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:27
    Governor Chris Sununu begins his second term, calling for cooperation as he faces Democratic control of the House, Senate, and Executive Council following midterm elections. House lawmakers vote to ban guns inside Representatives Hall -- a rule that has been reversed over the years, depending upon which party...
  • Publication Date | Jan 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:05:01
    Here at Something Wild, we don’t have a problem with winter. Aside from the snow and the cold and the freezing rain… okay, maybe we have a couple issues. But we have sweaters and hot cocoa and Netflix. Trees, however, do not. As the snow piles up, you may see trees bent over with their crowns nearly touching ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 03, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:35:03
    Pirate trails are everywhere: the pioneers of mountain biking built them on private land, public land and everything in between. They were built by riders just looking for a place to take their new bikes, and in the process they simply appropriated land that they wanted for their trails.But what happens when ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 02, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:40
    More people are bringing their animals with them -- into stores, onto planes. Some are service animals, highly trained, assisting with such tasks as pulling a wheelchair or retrieving medicine. They also assist people who are blind or experiencing seizures. These animals are highly trained, covered under the ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 01, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:40
    For months now, speculation has been growing about who will run in the Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries, fueled by politicians' visits to such states as New Hampshire and Iowa. The list of potential Democratic contenders appears long and includes Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Former Secre...
  • Publication Date | Dec 31, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    With pleasant weather comes a busy hiking season in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A misread map, a sudden storm, a forgotten headlamp - and suddenly a hike could turn into a matter of survival. We look at a new book, " Critical Hours, " that offers a history and a celebration of the search and rescue ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 28, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    Barns have an important historical significance in New Hampshire, and are a major part of our landscape. But as these barns age, how can we preserve and restore them for new uses today? This rebroadcast will air Monday, December 31 at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Publication Date | Dec 27, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    We learn about the miracle of fungi, from mushrooms, to yeast, to mold on your shower curtain. Fungi are in a vast yet little-known kingdom of their own, closer to animals than plants, and one of the oldest and largest organisms on earth. In addition to tasty mushrooms foraged in fall, we learn about the impo...
  • We revisit our top shows of 2018. Author Debby Irving's memoir, "Waking Up White" serves as inspiration for New Hampshire's Oyster River community, as it reflects on tough questions about race and tolerance. The discussions come after incidents revealing discrimination and racism, in an area where many believ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 25, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:56:57
    For the holiday week, catch the top shows of 2018. There are 48 New Hampshire peaks over 4000 feet, drawing hikers from all over. The official Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the less known sections of the White Mountains of New Hamps...
  • Publication Date | Dec 21, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:05:58
    In the new novel by Sue Halpern , a young woman named Sunny gets busted for stealing a dictionary and a judge sentences her to work as a volunteer at a library in the small town of Riverton, New Hampshire. This “Riverton” is not the actual “Riverton,” New Hampshire but a fictional one that has fallen on hard ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 21, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    We start off with the top stories of this week: questions around the propriety of spending by Governor Sununu's inauguration committee; and a House committe vote to ban guns in Representatives Hall (with final vote by the full House yet to come). But for much of the show, we'll look back at some of the top st...
  • Publication Date | Dec 21, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:04:35
    The diversity of New Hampshire’s habitats is staggering, as we’ve mentioned in the past there are more than 200 natural communities within our borders. This week, in another edition of New Hampshire’s Wild Neighborhoods Something Wild, again visits a rare habitat type. We’re going to visit the pitch pine scru...
  • Publication Date | Dec 20, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:37:01
    Everyone's heard of Vikings - their daring North Atlantic voyages, their mysterious runes. But there's another ancient culture in Arctic Scandinavia that's much older, and just as fascinating - the Sámi. While the Vikings have been celebrated, Sámi music, language and traditions were forced underground. Why?C...
  • Publication Date | Dec 19, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:05
    On January 3rd, Governor Sununu will be sworn in and officially begin his second term. This time, the Republican governor will have to work with a Democratic State House, Senate, and Executive Council. We'll talk about that, and issues from health care to taxes to the environment.
  • Publication Date | Dec 19, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:38:10
    Since 1985, Martin Marklin has purchased over 250,000 pounds of beeswax to make liturgical candles. When he realized how little he knew about the creatures that produced his beeswax, he became a beekeeper. This decision, he says, transformed his business and his life. Now, with his candle factory in Contoocoo...
  • U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith was awarded the Hall-Kenyon Prize in American Poetry at the Currier Museum in Manchester on Wednesday, December 12. We bring you an excerpt of her conversation with Peter Biello in front of a live audience, where she discussed being Poet laureate, the writing process, and poe...
  • Publication Date | Dec 17, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:09
    In 2018, New Hampshire elected one of its youngest, most diverse, state legislatures. We talk to four new representatives from around the state about why they ran, their personal and professional backgrounds, and what they're looking forward to when the legislature convenes in January.
  • Publication Date | Dec 17, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:05
    Drawdown is when global greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline on a year-to-year basis. It's also a nonprofit organization and a book. Project Drawdown analyzes 100 solutions to rollback greenhouse emissions and comes to some surprising conclusions about what provides the most impact. Our discuss...
  • Publication Date | Dec 13, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:04
    Eversource wins state approval to build the Seacoast Reliability Project, an $84 million dollar project includes routing the line beneath Little Bay. The New Hampshire G.O.P. works to avoid a primary challenge to President Trump in 2020 - but should it? And we remember the ice storm of 2008.
  • Publication Date | Dec 12, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    We're in the middle of holiday shopping season, so we take a look at how shopping trends have changed, as a result of Amazon, rapid shipping, mobile shopping, and social media. We talk about local New Hampshire retailers and national trends, and discuss how businesses are adapting and evolving to appeal to sh...
  • Publication Date | Dec 11, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    The Brexit agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union appears to be on the brink of defeat. Facing fierce opposition in Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May decided to delay a vote on an agreement reached after nearly two years of negotiations. The plan would have kept Britain, for the most p...
  • Publication Date | Dec 10, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:03
    Jonah Goldberg, senior editor at the National Review , and one of the most influential voices in American conservatism, has challenged some members of his own party, particularly those who have shown unquestioning loyalty to President Trump. Still, Goldberg has not taken the route of some other prominent Repu...
  • Publication Date | Dec 07, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:11:58
    Social media allows us to create another self. We have our in-person, corporeal lives, and then there are our digital lives: the people we are (or seem to be) on the screen. Where is this technology going? Will we someday be able to upload ourselves to a digital space and exist only there? And if so, for how ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 07, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:04:24
    As we hunker down for the winter weather, we’re frequently too preoccupied with what is in our front yards that we tend not to notice what isn’t there. The snow and ice have muscled out the grass, and the chilly sounds of the north wind have blown away the dawn chorus that woke us this summer. And short of fi...
  • Publication Date | Dec 07, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:04
    Transracial adoption, or adoption outside of one's own race or ethnic group, has continued to grow in the U.S. in the last fifity years. We talk with adoptees and a social worker about the adoptee experience, including living and growing up in a new culture, in a family of a different race, sometimes the othe...
  • Publication Date | Dec 06, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:40:20
    There's only one place in the world that you can find the axolotl—the Mexican salamander—in the wild. This creature is the living embodiment of Xolotl, the Aztec god of heavenly fire, of lightning and the underworld, and the renegade twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. But the wild axolotl’s fate might be bound to ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 06, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:56:48
    After a dramatic day of voting and re-voting, N.H. lawmakers re-elect Secretary of State Bill Gardner for a 22nd term, by the slimmest of margins. Police arrest a man for threatening Governor Sununu in connection with online statements targeting the state's Jewish community. And more than 200 people turn out ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 05, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    It's actually been talked about it for decades, but what do we mean when we say "artificial intelligence" in our time? We hear that history, and talk about new developments. How is AI impacting us now, and in the future?
  • Publication Date | Dec 04, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    We sit down with Liza Mundy, author of Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II . The book outlines recently declassified documents that revealed the role more than 10,000 young American female code-breakers played in World War II. Their efforts gave U.S. commanders the...
  • Publication Date | Dec 04, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:04
    Our indie bookstore owners are back for our annual Holiday Book Show to discuss the books that flew off the shelves in 2018, and which might make for great gift-giving or to keep for yourself! Novelists tackled the idea of American identity, with characters who don't quite fit in, while history writers reveal...
  • Publication Date | Dec 02, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:07
    Former President George H. W. Bush died this past weekend at age 94. We talk with those who knew and worked with him, and political analysts, about his life, his achievements, and his impact on American politics.
  • Publication Date | Nov 29, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:10
    A new federal report on climate change includes some dire news for this region but a leading author of the report says there are some hopeful signs to be found in how some local communities are adapting and working to mitigate the effects. The race for N.H. Secretary of State enters its final lap. And a jury ...
  • Publication Date | Nov 28, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:10
    With winter weather here, superintendents around the state have had to make the call on whether or not to close schools in their districts. And even with advances in forecasting, it can be a tough decision to make. We ask how they do it and also why some districts use so-called "blizzard bags," which allow st...
  • Publication Date | Nov 27, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    Population growth has been a concern for environmentalists, and other interest groups, for more than a century. But the anxiety over the loss of space, and resources, as a result of human growth and consumption, is not simple. We talk with Sam Evans-Brown, host of Outside/In , NHPR's podcast about the natural...
  • Publication Date | Nov 26, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:01
    We learn about the miracle of fungi, from mushrooms, to yeast, to mold on your shower curtain. Fungi are in a vast yet little-known kingdom of their own, closer to animals than plants, and one of the oldest and largest organisms on earth. In addition to tasty mushrooms foraged in fall, we learn about the impo...
  • Publication Date | Nov 25, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:18:46
    Joshua Johnson, host of NPR's 1A , has been hosting focused, incisive conversations about all manner of subjects since early 2017, and recently he paid a visit to New Hampshire to host a few hours of the program here. While he was here, NHPR's Peter Biello spoke with him on stage at the Capitol Center for the...
  • Publication Date | Nov 23, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:05:19
    This weekend of plenty is a time to celebrate the abundant harvest. But for a lot of species in the New Hampshire wilds, this is likely the early days of a winter of discontent. Winter is always the lean time of the year, but this winter especially, biologists are expecting scarcity for all sorts of forest dw...