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Kurt Caceres brings on celebrity Actors, Directors, Athletes, Casting Directors, Writers, Surgeons, Psychologists, Musicians and more............. to take us down a raw and truthful journey into the dark hallways of the Hollywood machine. As an actor, Kurt worked many years to get to the top of the game, leading major network television shows and finding great success. Then because of inexperience and the power of ego, he lost it all and hit rock bottom. Now after a decade of fighting to make a return from the ashes, he feels it's his time to give back and teach others through his mistakes. From casting couches to backdoor deals, he reveals stories few have ever experienced. It's about overcoming life's obstacles and transcending to one's true potential
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Fun and insightful with one of a kind and rare personal stories from celebrities in Hollywood
Feb 01, 2020 by WYNA

Beyond Awesome!!! There is nothing like this out. First hand celebrity accounts and stories from within Hollywood. Behind the scenes unlike anywhere most of us have ever seen. The inside of the Hollywood machine. Fun. Insightful. Inspirational. But doesnt take itself to serious. Perfect mix of good laughs and stellar information.

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