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An actual play podcast by marginalised people, focused on tabletop RPGs by marginalised creators
"Voices at play" is an actual play podcast, created by the team behind the project of the same name. Our goal as a group of diversely marginalised people is to fund, promote and create content around games written and designed by marginalised creators.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games, or TTRPG are a type of game designed specifically for people to get together and tell stories with.

These stories can range from the magical worlds of tolkein-esque fantasy to the grittiest noir thriller. It's a hugely diverse genre that is dominated in the popular narrative, by a tiny handful of overwhelmingly big names. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Shadowrun are the ones you've probably heard of.

These games, however good they may be, are designed to tell very specific kinds of stories. They can certainly be adapted to tell others, but there are hundreds of games out there that are specifically designed to tell different stories! Voices at play aims to use them to do so.

The "Voices at play" project goes beyond simply focusing on games though; we want to focus on the people behind them. As with a lot of classically "nerdy", "niche" hobbies; the face of TTRPG is largely lead by straight white men. In a genre so heavily dominated by the big names at play, we want to work to create space at the table for everyone.

To do that, Voices at play focuses on games by marginalised creators and our project is run entirely by marginalised people. We want to demonstrate the value in diverse, inclusive gameplay and introduce you to as many new games and creators as we can along the way.

Our podcast and ongoing efforts are funded entirely by our generous supporters. You can learn more about our project, through our website voices.com">https://ttrpg-voices.com or our patreon page https://patreon.com/VoicesAt where you can pledge, for as little as $1 a month, and join our ever growing community, helping us to raise our voices.
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58 Available Episodes (58 Total)Average duration: 00:46:44
Nov 18 | 01:05:30
Mutants in the Night : Game 2, Part 2
Nov 18 | 00:56:27
Mutants in the Night : Game 2, Part 1
Nov 04 | 00:20:20
Mutants in the Night : Game 1, Part 3
Nov 04 | 00:45:53
Mutants in the Night : Game 1, Part 2
Nov 04 | 00:40:13
Mutants in the Night : Game 1, Part 1
Nov 04 | 00:01:17
What is Mutants in the Night?
Aug 31 | 00:00:55
Season end break
Aug 20 | 00:53:50
Familiars of Terra: Roundtable
Aug 12 | 00:51:40
Familiars of Terra : Game 8 /Feat James D’amato, Part 3
Aug 12 | 00:54:11
Familiars of Terra : Game 8 /Feat James D’amato, Part 2
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