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The podcast about the wonderful, strange, historic and haunted city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. A member of the bPod Studios Network
There's more mischief, mayhem, murder and the macabre in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection than Billy Penn could have ever imagined. TwistedPhilly features stories from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, including history and hauntings, legends and folklore, travel and tourism, even true crime. Who knows what we'll get up to in the twisted city of Philly.
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131 Available Episodes (131 Total)Average duration: 00:38:24
Oct 12 | 00:42:50
Halloween Happenings 2019
Sep 29 | 01:00:47
Mount Moriah Cemetery & the Friends of Mount Moriah
Sep 15 | 00:40:35
Twisted Artist Series featuring Cabinet of Curious Clay
Sep 01 | 01:05:09
“If I Stop Today, It Was Still Worth It” – The Story of Gia Marie Carangi
Jul 29 | 00:46:25
Part 2: The Luzerne County “Kids for Cash” Scandal
Jul 29 | 00:44:47
Part 1: The Luzerne County “Kids for Cash” Scandal
Jul 10 | 01:02:48
Cinema in the Cemetery: Young Frankenstein
Jul 02 | 00:35:00
Twisted Road Trip: The Old St. John’s County Jail
Jun 26 | 00:32:23
Juneteenth in the City of Brotherly Love
Jun 18 | 00:33:09
Pride in the City of Brotherly Love
Don't support bad podcast hosts
May 20, 2018 by MattsEarBuds

Can't support a show that puts bounties out on listeners that leave negative reviews. Also, she started a crusade against another show based off a biased skewed point, and clearly never listened to the show. There's better shows out there.

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