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Too Many Lawyers goes beyond the headlines about laws and court cases to tell listeners what developments in the law really mean, and how the stories impact real people. The hosts are each lawyers and legal analysts, but beyond that couldn’t be more different. One, Royal Oakes, is a libertarian, baby boomer and dad, who’s been offering analysis on network radio and television for decades; the other, Connor Oakes, is a progressive millennial and son of Royal Oakes, who offers a fresh take on the legal world. TML knows what podcast listeners want to hear about, and delivers – subjects include:--- Should America embrace Pete Buttigieg’s view, legalization of every drug, from grass, to meth, to heroin?--- Should the feds be bumping the tobacco purchase age to 21?--- Can we trust Twitter and Facebook to censor political opinions?--- Your devices are spying on you – should you go through life not trusting Alexa?--- The gig economy – do laws saying everybody with a side hustle is an “employee” help, or hurt?--- Should colleges be dumping SAT and ACT tests as a tool to fight discrimination?    --- How can governments regulate “ghost guns” made by 3-D printers?--- Is facial recognition just another tool like fingerprints, or does it spell the end of privacy?--- Should Amazon face lawsuits for sales of unsafe products, when they just collect a slice as middleperson?
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247 Available Episodes (247 Total)Average duration: 00:42:45
Apr 11 | 00:40:56
It's Christmas In April - Congress May Give Everyone A 4-Day Workweek - With No Cut In Pay!
Apr 04 | 00:40:56
After 235 Years A President Goes On Trial! Can You Guess The Verdict?
Mar 29 | 00:40:56
Did Shohei Ohtani Dodge A Bullet?
Mar 20 | 00:55:46
Royal Oakes Talks Law...With Inside Edition's Jim Moret
Mar 15 | 00:40:57
It's An All-Walking Episode: Will Scott Peterson Walk Based On New DNA Evidence? Will Alec Baldwin Walk Because The DA Already Got His Woman?
Mar 07 | 00:40:57
Should The Supreme Court Be Dissolved?
Mar 01 | 00:40:57
Are Frozen Embryos Children?
Feb 22 | 00:40:57
Should Homophobes Be Barred From Jury Service?
Feb 16 | 00:40:56
Should UCLA Have Fired A Professor For Refusing To Grade Based On Race?
Feb 10 | 00:40:56
The Michigan School Shooter's Mom's Headed to Prison For Manslaughter - Will It Send A Message To Parents With Troubled Kids?
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