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From punching Bigfoot to hunting Ancient Aliens - Every Tuesday, Rory Powers and Kit Grier investigate a different paranormal case and find the truth inside the mystery.

What happened at Roswell? Did ancient aliens build the pyramids? Does Obama run the Illuminati? Is the government plotting to take our guns? The answers to these questions and more, every week, on This Paranormal Life.
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London, England
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198 Available Episodes (198 Total)Average duration: 00:47:14
Jan 19 | 00:46:28
#196 The Man That Slipped And Fell Through TIME: Liverpool Time Slips
Jan 12 | 00:46:14
#195 The Legend of the Lizard Man
Jan 05 | 00:51:18
#194 Cursed House of 1000 Ghosts: The Winchester Mystery House
Dec 29 | 00:54:38
#193 El Silbón - If You Hear This Whistle... RUN
Dec 22 | 00:45:08
#192 Sam the Swamp Jester From Another Planet
Dec 15 | 00:56:14
#191 The Beast of Gévaudan: Man-Eating Cryptid
Dec 08 | 00:48:30
#190 The Watcher Part 2: An Unsolved Suburban Nightmare
Dec 01 | 00:35:25
#189 The Watcher: An Unsolved Suburban Nightmare
Nov 24 | 00:40:10
#188 The World’s Most BADASS Cryptid
Nov 17 | 00:43:47
#187 Real Life X-Men: SLIders
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