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On seasons 1 and 2, we took a deep look into policing and criminal justice in America. This season on The Untold Story, we go even further, with three investigations of injustice happening in your own backyard. From executive producer Jay Ellis and Lemonada Media, this season covers how we can fix the humanitarian crisis happening at Rikers Island; why your tax dollars are funding software that leads to over policing in our most vulnerable communities; and the racist roots of the debunked medical term excited delirium. Host Travon Free talks to real people who have experienced the effects first-hand, as well as lawyers, organizers, and city officials who are all part of the effort to answer the question: How can we hold our most powerful institutions accountable?

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28 Available Episodes (28 Total)Average duration: 00:32:46
Feb 07 | 00:24:39
Introducing: Discarded
Dec 16 | 00:38:13
Listen Now: USA v. García Luna
Nov 27 | 00:57:13
Why we can’t incarcerate our way to public safety
Oct 25 | 00:50:17
Travon Unravels the Racist Roots of Excited Delirium
Oct 25 | 00:44:59
Travon Asks If Microphones Really Stop Bullets
Oct 25 | 00:41:40
Travon Explores the Humanitarian Crisis on Rikers Island
Oct 18 | 00:01:33
The Untold Story: Season 3, we're back!
Sep 07 | 00:36:12
True Crime Upside Down: The Letter
Aug 16 | 00:14:12
Listen to This: Call For Help
Jun 25 | 00:36:45
Special Episode: The Impact of the End of Roe v. Wade
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