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Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like Steampunk? Do you like alcohol? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then just hit download already and join Kra'ag the Bugbear Druid, Bagger the Firbolg Barbarian, Tash the Aasimar Cleric, and Silver Paw the Tibaxi Rogue on their adventures through Pilas.
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95 Available Episodes (96 Total)Average duration: 01:06:32
Aug 13 | 02:12:07
S4 E15: Calm Before the Storm
Jul 25 | 02:09:02
S4 E14: Mother Dearest
Jun 25 | 02:00:37
S4 E13: Squatters Rights
Jun 11 | 01:35:23
S4 E12: Welcome to Castle von Brokov
May 28 | 01:06:47
S4 E11: "Mirrors," she said, "Are Never to be Trusted."
May 15 | 01:58:05
S4 E10: Into the Broken Lands
Apr 30 | 02:20:53
S4 E9: Warding Off the Evil Eye
Apr 16 | 01:49:56
S4 E8: Welcome to Battershield
Apr 10 | 02:01:26
S4 E7: Stormspeaker's Ultimatum
Mar 11 | 01:38:57
S4 E6: A New Friend
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