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The Pitch brings you success in business and life. Get your message across more effectively using the latest technology with classic communications techniques.
A skillful and strategic pitch can land you an interview, new job, promotion, or help you close that next deal. Pitching is a life skill, rooted in the art of communications that can bring you success in business and life. Technology has advanced the way we communicate with each other providing convenience, speed and more reach, but the true art of communications is often sacrificed in the process. “The Pitch” will provide a daily skill to help you improve getting your message across more effectively using today’s technology combined with classic communications techniques from Amy Summers, founder of Pitch Publicity, who has more than 20 years experience in the field of public relations as a communications expert and high-performance achiever with a proven track record of pitching success.

Amy Summers became an entrepreneur in her mid-20s launching Pitch Publicity in 2003. Her campaigns have resulted in billions of media impressions and she’s credited as the first to strategize live interviews at the deepest and highest points of the planet (Aquarius, scientific laboratory, 63 feet beneath the sea and Mount Everest summit, 21,000 feet above sea level). With her 20+ year career experience and one-on-one mentorship leadership, she launched “The Pitch with Amy Summers,” flash briefing in 2018, which then led to the launch of her second company, INICIVOX in 2020, to bridge the gap between book knowledge and real-world application while improving soft skills centered on the complexity of communications. Summers earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida, consistently ranked as one of the top schools for Public Relations in the nation. She serves on the national board of directors of the University of Florida Alumni Association and the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Public Relations Advisory Council where she also serves as an adjunct lecturer, virtually instructing the first paperless, smart voice course called, “Pitching Persuasion.” Summers works and lives in the heart of New York City. For a more in-depth course study of “The Pitch” visit to subscribe.
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