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Steve Sax, known by many for his phenomenal 14 year career as a major league baseball player where he was a 5-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year and 2-time World Series champion, hosts his podcast with the familiarity and experience that comes from playing on such great teams as the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Oakland A’s. In addition, playing under such iconic coaches as Tony LaRussa and Tommy Lasorda, Steve gained invaluable life lessons through sports. After his playing career he found success not only as a coach and broadcaster but also as a financial consultant, author, motivational speaker and executive/life coach. Twice a month on his longform podcast “Sax in the Morning” he speaks with leaders in the world of sports, business and finance to find out what makes people successful, passionate and joyful in their lives. In addition to the full-length shows you’ll find “Sax in the Morning” shorts three days weekly that will focus on the motivation necessary to get your game plan for the day set with the right tone to accomplish those goals you have for success. Starting your day with the right mindset, making the shift to persevere through challenges and helping you to follow your emotional heart to reach your dreams.
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89 Available Episodes (89 Total)Average duration: 00:05:22
Jan 18 | 00:06:11
1-18-22: Build yourself up, don't tear others down
Jan 17 | 00:04:43
1-17-22: How to turn trash into treasure
Jan 12 | 00:03:45
1-12-22: Getting advice from the right people
Jan 11 | 00:05:46
1-11-22: Change is inevitable so embrace it
Jan 10 | 00:05:15
1-10-22: Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?
Jan 05 | 00:05:14
1-5-22: Best of shorts: It's not luck, it's circumstantial indifference
Jan 04 | 00:04:54
1-4-22: Best of shorts: Have you ever met a successful pessimist?
Jan 03 | 00:06:04
1-3-22: Best of shorts: Misery is optional
Dec 29 | 00:04:48
12-29-21: A spectacular story of transformation
Dec 28 | 00:06:05
12-28-21: What's happening with MLB lockout
Daily gems!
Oct 21, 2021 by DodgerBabe

You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this podcast! Steve gives us shorts and stories to apply to our daily lives and they are amazing! I had no idea how smart and well rounded a guy he his. Great not just in baseball but also a great business man, business coach, motivational speaker, and much more. I start my day every morning with this gem of a podcast, subscribe NOW!

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