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Kristen Zaza
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Performing Arts
On a Dark, Cold Night is the ideal podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia; a creepy friend to tell you bedtime/ghost stories. The podcast involves Your Narrator telling you a spine-chilling yet soothing ghost story every week. Launched in January, 2018, the show is written, performed and produced by Kristen Zaza.  Follow Your Narrator on Twitter at @ADarkColdNight, and on Instagram at darkcoldnightpodcast. 
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Toronto, Ontario
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216 Available Episodes (216 Total)Average duration: 00:30:36
Nov 22 | 00:27:33
Episode 215: That Song
Nov 14 | 00:30:13
Episode 214: The Dungeon
Nov 07 | 00:30:00
Episode 213: Frightful
Oct 31 | 00:26:46
Episode 212: Allhallowtide, Part 5
Oct 24 | 00:27:46
Episode 211: The Orbuculum
Oct 13 | 00:45:26
Episode 210: Staring Contest
Oct 03 | 00:32:36
Episode 209: Homebody
Sep 26 | 00:24:32
Episode 208: Tacet
Sep 19 | 00:30:48
Episode 207: Bibliotheca Desiderii
Sep 13 | 00:30:53
Episode 206: Broken Timepiece
Dark, mysterious, and profoundly captivating.
Sep 02, 2020 by TheGreatJustini

I just started listening and I am hooked. The stories are original and unexpected and are told so well.

A spooky, sleepy, creepy daydream
Mar 31, 2018 by Daniel

This podcast is AWESOME. I’m a huge fan of sleep podcasts and same and the Narrator has an exquisite voice for calming the nerves. The fact that the fiction of the Narrator and the stories she tells are all heartfelt, and get at the human cbody ndition is what makes me keep coming back. Zaza’s ability to weave storytelling and the macabre with a gentleness and a dexterity makes this podcast unlike everything else out there. Seriously take a listen. You’ll not be disappointed. Welcome to the warm embrace of tales from beyond our known world...

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