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Science Fiction
When an alien spy named Zuri and her shy but brilliant sidekick crash-land on earth, they embark on what they assume will be a simple run for supplies to repair their shuttle.
When they return to their craft, however, they discover that it has been confiscated by heavily armed agents from the Department of Energy!
Now, with the help of a human friend they make along the way, they must avoid capture as they work to recover their stolen craft and escape the planet.
But as the trio get closer and closer to recovering their shuttle, they also find themselves face to face with the leader of the mysterious agents who hunt them.
And what follows is a close encounter that will change all of their lives forever.
*NOTE: This show makes heavy use of left/right panning, and as such should not be listened to on a smart phone speaker. Headphones will provide the best listening experience.*
Joined by her faithful sidekick, Mira, Zuri makes an unauthorized expedition to planet Earth and inadvertently becomes stranded there. With a little help from a human friend they make along the way, the aliens must race against a mysterious alien-hunting team to recover their space shuttle, repair it, and escape to their mother ship before their absence is discovered.
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26 Available Episodes (26 Total)Average duration: 00:34:37
Dec 16 | 00:15:48
BONUS: Christmas Special!
Nov 03 | 00:13:10
BONUS: Season Two Outtakes!
Nov 03 | 00:58:20
Oct 17 | 00:12:26
Announcing ETC Spinoff Series!
Oct 16 | 00:47:03
S2E6 - Phoenix Rising
Jun 29 | 00:10:04
Why Are Observe And Report's Releases So Sporadic?
Jun 23 | 01:30:39
BONUS! Cast Commentary - S2E2: Leverage
Jun 14 | 00:47:28
S2E5 - Risk is the Path to Progress
Jan 11 | 00:24:32
RECAP | S1E1 - S2E3
Jan 11 | 01:10:32
S2E4 - Triple Red Alert
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