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Ever wonder what crime took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through a dark history lesson, with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, cults, and more in this short-form DAILY true crime podcast, that has been downloaded over 20 Million times. Remember, stay safe.

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1691 Available Episodes (1691 Total)Average duration: 00:08:39
Sep 25 | 00:06:36
Murder on the Farm - September 25 2023
Sep 24 | 00:09:58
The Stocking Strangler - September 24 2023
Sep 23 | 00:13:58
Typhoid Mary - September 23 2023
Sep 22 | 00:07:53
Children's Author and Killer - September 22 2023
Sep 21 | 00:05:53
The Serial Killer In Plain Sight - September 21 2023
Sep 20 | 00:08:16
The Missing Runaway - September 20 2023
Sep 19 | 00:10:22
Who Killed Betty Shanks - September 19 2023
Sep 18 | 00:09:51
The Murder of Two Young Women and A Series of Strange Suspects - September 18 2023
Sep 17 | 00:08:19
How Social Media Helped Catch A Killer - September 17 2023
Sep 16 | 00:06:35
A Political Assassination - September 16 2023
Best 10-15 minutes True crime Podcast!
May 11, 2020 by appelezmoifleur

Okay so the intro is a little jarring but just skip through. I’m sensitive to sound and all the voices at once is too much for me. She definitely doesn’t do what I would call deep dives but overviews. I love that she doesn’t just seem to cover cases that there aren’t a lot on. This is what I would think because some cases are too short for other lengthy pods but no she covers even serial killers and lots of fans. I think I listen to a few on the way to work but I prefer to listen to five or six at a time. She has I think I mentioned 343 episodes so plenty. I think they’re released daily too. They recent did the West Memphis Three case and I know it's a well documented/reviewed case but this is such a solid little overview. It's short and I feel like a great gateway for friends and family who want to learn but aren't into true crime podcasts (yet). Check it out! Noble Blood: This is probably my favorite new podcast. I'm justifying putting here because a ton of people are murdered and they are plots, and crimes but it is a podcast that talks about the lives and sometimes demise of a new royal every week. It's in third person and the speculative thoughts are minimal. The host has a soothing voice and if you want a palette cleanser with still a bit of murder/ untimely deaths so check it out.

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