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Halachic Debates of Current Events
With everything happening in the world today, it’s safe to say the we as frum jews have a lot of questions on how to correctly deal with these situations that come up in and day out.

Halacha Headlines Podcast features a weekly topic drawn from current events and matzavs, and with a panel of Rabbanim, discusses the best way we- as a klal, can approach contemporary society.

Some topics include Hafganos and racism, shidduchim and dating in the era of corona, mesira, vacations, life insurance, buying and selling stocks, police and police enforcement, the Israel UAE accord- all explored from halachic and hashkafic perspectives.

Needless to say, Halacha Headlines is more than necessary these days, and has given thousands the koach to approach modern situations more educated on the halachic implications. I think this is something everyone has to check out to hear for themselves.
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95 Available Episodes (95 Total)Average duration: 01:35:18
May 13 | 01:37:27
5/14/22 Shiur – 370 – Roe v. Wade – What’s the Torah’s approach? It might be a lot different than you think
May 06 | 02:00:09
5/7/22 Shiur – 369 – What makes a successful marriage? What are common mistakes that should be avoided?
Apr 29 | 01:23:41
4/30/22 – Shiur 368 – What time can you count Sefiras Haomer? | Chametz after Pesach – What are the issues? | Can we rely on our Shabbos and hotel Hashgachos?
Apr 14 | 01:19:17
4/16/22 – Shiur 367 – Should we be bringing a Korban Pesach these days? | A checklist for the Korban Pesach
Apr 08 | 02:17:57
4/9/22 – Shiur 366 – Advertising by Tzedakah Organizations: Promises of health, nachas, shidduchim and parnassah – false advertising or needed yeshuos?
Apr 01 | 01:52:48
4/2/22 – Shiur 365 – The State of World Orthodox Jewry 2022 Interviews with International Askanim
Mar 25 | 01:07:23
3/26/22 – Shiur 364 – UKRAINE – NAZI GERMANY: Do we hold on to last generations atrocities, or do we let go? REB CHAIM KANIEVSKY ZT”L, Hear from the inside
Mar 12 | 01:50:58
3/12/22 – Shiur 363 – Tznius for men - skin-tight pants, bicycle clothing, blue shirts, colorful socks and more
Mar 04 | 01:06:36
3/5/22 – Shiur 362 – WAR in Russia and Ukraine: What is our obligation?
Mar 01 | 01:06:01
3/1/22 – Shiur 361 – Do we sacrifice the few to save the many? – A Shiur at the Mir with Dovid Lichtenstein
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