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A podcast where futurology and philosophy collide. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, spirituality, future societies, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.
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91 Available Episodes (91 Total)Average duration: 00:44:08
Mar 20 | 00:44:12
FTP091: Joe Brewer - Humanity's Rapid Evolutionary Transition
Mar 14 | 00:42:30
FTP090: Joe Brewer - Rites of Passage For Cultural Evolution
Mar 10 | 00:45:44
FTP089: Deconstructing Your Identity, And Why Do It
Feb 20 | 00:24:43
FTP088: The Ancient Art of Adulting And Meta-Skills For The Future
Feb 13 | 00:44:58
FTP087: Meme Wars And Collective Intelligence
Feb 06 | 01:12:33
FTP086: Alex Gladstein - Anti-Authoritarian Technologies and The Future of Governance
Jan 23 | 00:51:10
FTP085: Kevin Kelly - AI Will Make Humans Better, Not Irrelevant
Jan 17 | 00:43:27
FTP084: Kevin Kelly - What Technology Wants and The World of Superabundance
Jan 11 | 01:35:09
FTP083: Duncan Trussell - Decentralized Organizing Principles in Society, and The Evolution of Consciousness
Dec 20 | 00:53:05
FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)
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