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Embrace The Void
Welcome friends, to a podcast for a darker timeline. Maybe the darkest of all timelines. Definitely not one of the good timelines. Maybe it’s always been a dark timeline, maybe the Hadron collider screwed us over. Science may never know. What we do know is that we live in the void. The void, a place where a chittering mass of void crabs can infest a person suit and win the presidency. The void, a place where we're just clever enough to know that climate change is happening, but not quite clever enough to do anything about it. The void seems terrible and cruel, but it loves you, in its own ironic way.
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91 Available Episodes (91 Total)Average duration: 00:55:06
Mar 17 | 01:02:27
EV - 085 This Rand Is My Rand
Mar 09 | 00:48:17
EV - 084 Free Will Wheaton
Mar 03 | 00:01:50
EV - 083 Void Shrugged
Feb 28 | 01:05:29
EV - 082 Heretic Life in Utah with Uncle Mark
Feb 15 | 00:59:27
EV - 081 23andVoid
Feb 07 | 00:57:46
EV - 080 How To Not Be Like Spock With Massimo Pigliucci Part 2
Feb 02 | 00:57:17
EV - 079 How To Be Like Spock with Massimo Pigliucci Part 1
Jan 27 | 01:02:26
ETV - 078 Better Know Judith Jarvis Thomson
Jan 17 | 01:05:42
EV - 077 Losing My Religion
Jan 12 | 01:06:04
EV - 076 A Quiet Box
Depressing but in a fun way
Mar 10, 2019 by Hardcore Skeptic

I had to write this review because I'm part of the void cult. Aaron and GW are some of the best guys around and they actively do their best to be fair to every side of an argument even if they disagree with it. I particularly like the Better Know a Philosopher series, where it turns out every philosopher ever has a very "voidy" past. In times like these it's good to hear folks talking about important topics without spending the whole time ranting angrily. I blame this show for my now fairly firm belief in determinism and moral objectivity

When you are living in the darkest timeline, there is only one thing you can do: Embrace the Void!
Feb 11, 2018 by Holy_Goat

Aaron and GW are thoughtful, humorous, and dark af, but in times like these, that is precisely what the doctor has ordered! When the disturbing turns of this dumpster-fire get you down, the best thing you can do is stare into it and embrace it. With equal parts wit and intellectual rigor, Embrace the Void delves deep into the darkest parts of politics, media, technology, social issues, and, most importantly, philosophy, to make sense of the world around us and help us navigate towards our best selves amidst the ever clutching tendrils of Azathoth.

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