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Kate Kennedy
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Grounded in the topics that distract host Kate Kennedy (entrepreneur, author, pop culture commentator) on a daily basis, Be There in Five explores all facets of popular culture in a thoughtful, analytical, editorialized, and comedic format. Kate covers a wide range of topics reflecting the current zeitgeist, i.e. celebrities, bloggers/influencers, social media, and tv/moves/music, but also focuses on the humor found in reexamining the 90s/00s zeitgeist as an adult, from AIM to Zenon. Whether musing about how so many 24-year-old bloggers have 5 kids and millions of dollars, poking holes in popular self-help gurus advice, deep diving about influencer/social media scandals, or explaining Taylor Swift''s clue-dropping marketing strategy, Kate aims to dive into the topics everyone''s talking about in chat rooms that don''t get represented in newsrooms. (And by chat rooms, she realizes it''s not 1999, but it sounded more quippy than online forums and Facebook groups). Beyond the more lighthearted topics, Kate is also a seasoned entrepreneur (of her namesake company Be There in Five) who is honest about her struggles in real-time and invites her listeners along as she, too, is trying to make it as a 30 something living in Chicago. Above all else, Kate started this podcast to champion lovers of pop culture by taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures. By speaking about the zeitgeist in an intelligent, unique, and humorous way, she hopes to assure listeners that these topics have value, contribute to society, and the only naïve people are those who refuse to acknowledge their influence.
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Chicago, IL
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107 Available Episodes (107 Total)Average duration: 01:28:52
Apr 02 | 02:35:00
Watch What Happens Five (with @lucyontheground's Lucy O'Connor)
Mar 25 | 01:45:00
105: Marshall's Law
Mar 19 | 01:45:00
104. Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Ten (Part 1)
Mar 16 | 01:00:00
The Aioli Spirit (BONUS)
Mar 11 | 01:59:00
103. Southern Belles and Royal Farewells (with Merritt Beck)
Mar 03 | 01:55:00
102. Love is Patient, Love is Blind (with Mark Cuevas)
Feb 27 | 01:45:00
101. Bar Carte Blanche
Feb 21 | 01:38:00
100. Millenniold
Feb 13 | 02:25:00
99. BRIDE TRIBE (Part 2)
Feb 07 | 01:59:00
98: BRIDE TRIBE (Part 1)
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