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The inventor of facial recognition software was years ahead of the competition but never got credit for his work because it was kept secret by the CIA. The first VR glove was a groundbreaking piece of tech that would eventually become one of the gaming industry's biggest flops. And when Kodak execs were shown an early prototype of the first digital camera, they flat out rejected the idea.

In each episode of Ahead of Its Time, you'll explore the forgotten origins of today’s most transformative technology, hear from the people who first imagined it, delve into their past and relive their eureka moments.

Join host, podcast producer and queen of tech storytelling Julia Furlan to discover why these inventors struggled to get their ideas off the ground. Then meet the next generation of innovators who are building on the work of the tech underdogs who came before them.
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Brooklyn, NY
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4 Available Episodes (4 Total)Average duration: 00:19:21
Aug 09 | 00:24:38
Cell Phones: The portable police radio and Apple’s secret project that changed the way we communicate
Jul 26 | 00:25:51
Digital Cameras: How Kodak’s blunder and the camera on a computer chip could help us see further into space
Jul 12 | 00:25:01
VR Gloves: Where air guitar meets a Nintendo flop, meets the future of remote surgery
Apr 25 | 00:01:57
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