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Kimberly and Katie
Kimberly and Katie are professional true crime TV experts with no formal training but evidence lockers filled with snark and uninformed opinions. Katie watches Dateline in hopes to learn how to prevent her new husband from murdering her for the life insurance money, and Kimberly watches so she’ll know what to say when Keith Morrison interviews her about her best friend Katie’s murder.
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97 Available Episodes (97 Total)Average duration: 01:15:09
Jun 13 | 01:32:30
The Overlook S.27 Ep.36
Jun 05 | 01:22:05
Facing the Music S.27 Ep.35
May 23 | 01:26:34
The Betrayal of Sarah Stern S.27 Ep.33
May 16 | 01:22:14
Death in the Driveway S.23 Ep.10
May 09 | 01:40:32
A Villainous Plan S.27 Ep.31
May 02 | 01:30:11
She Didn’t Come Home S.27 Ep.30
Apr 25 | 01:41:44
11 Minutes S.27 Ep.29
Apr 18 | 01:17:56
Kimberly’s Favorite: Family Affair S.23 Ep.38
Apr 16 | 01:22:01
Tangled S.24 Ep.36
Apr 05 | 01:34:52
Jagged S.27 Ep.26
The HIGHLIGHT of my week
Dec 30, 2017 by CindyBoxer

Katie and Kimberly have the hottest and funniest takes on the murders of Dateline. They are also really good with their fans...setting up bingo cards for us, reading our tweets on their podcast and overall just being really engaged! If you love Dateline, or true crime in general, you will love this podcast! You’ll say to yourself “Now THESE are my people!”

Better than actually watching the show!
Dec 28, 2017 by Poggybait

This is the perfect podcast to listen to "enjoy life! " Found it while looking for something to listen to while working around the house. You will never be the same after listening to Katie and Kimberly. They will make you laugh and ponder life as they recap the crimes that are covered by Dateline. You will understand the importance of keeping a clean car, a clean house, and only the best pictures of yourself in your photo album. If you like Dateline, true crime, or quick-witted conversation, you'll love A Date With Dateline!

hilarious, analytical, and witty
Dec 28, 2017 by vanesstvlvr

I am in LOVE with this podcast, the 2 hosts so funny and wonderfully recap and analyze each episode of Dateline. It actually made me watch Dateline MORE! Love this podcast, highly recommend it!

Hilarious ladies recap America’s favorite television show, Dateline
Dec 28, 2017 by Melissa Moms and Murder

Love the ladies and can’t wait to hear their recaps every week!

In a class like none other
Dec 28, 2017 by MysterySleuth

I find this pod intriguing and intellectually humorous; adding a layer of mysterious curiosity and enlightenment post Dateline exposé !

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