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Switch The Envelope is a weekly podcast, hosted by Jeff and Cory, discussing famous Hollywood Award snubs through history. Each episode they take on a year and a category from Award shows past and determine who the winner really should have been.
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7 Available Episodes (7 Total)Average duration: 00:51:41
Sep 17 | 01:03:07
Top 10 Best Original Songs From The Worst Movies
Sep 10 | 01:12:11
1994 Best Supporting Actor
Sep 03 | 01:08:49
2000 Best Picture
Aug 27 | 00:57:21
2006 Best Picture
Aug 12 | 00:47:55
1990 Best Picture
Aug 12 | 00:51:34
1995 Best Picture
Aug 10 | 00:00:51
Clever, thought-provoking and wildly entertaining!
Sep 08, 2018 by Kiki42

I look forward to this podcast every week. Not only are they re-evaluating the nominees, but they also add in top films from that year that the Academy overlooked. This provides at least an hours worth of laughable entertainment each week, as well as movie recommendations if you have maybe missed a feature film that should be at the top of your “Must See” list! Case in point, I have never seen Glory. Yes, I know, I too am embarrassed to admit I did not know the origin of “the single tear” but I do now and have it in my Amazon cart! This dynamic podcast is well thought out, brilliantly hosted and gets better every week!