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I Found This
Podcast featuring @clockarniie @jamesjordan14 @sydnadim @edwardhann @s_pezz & @dompaints.

Our format is simple
We've scoured the web, stumbled across things, heard stories, and we’ve all found something we think is awesome, interesting, funny or absurd and we’re going to explain and pitch it to the group and get their thoughts.
One week we might be talking cryptocurrenices, next might be parrot hats, who knows!
Hopefully, we’ll get a reaction out of the team and you as our dear listener, be it to laugh at us, with us, scream because we’re talking utter BS, or learn something you didn’t know.
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United Kingdom
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22 Available Episodes (22 Total)Average duration: 00:51:40
Nov 16 | 00:49:04
Episode 22 - Fake Drummer, Fake Death Star, Fake Day and Fake 5 Star Shed
Oct 31 | 00:46:30
Episode 21 - Halloween Special - Mad Hackers, Tombstone ‘N’ Chill & Video-Controlled Humans
Oct 12 | 00:39:18
Episode 20 - Festive Fist-fights, Sweaty Robots and Rambling Baby Man
Sep 28 | 00:31:03
Episode 19 - Eight eWinger Freaks, Quality Pic ‘n’ Mix and Bad Baby Names
Sep 07 | 00:48:16
Episode 18 - InvisiRussian, Serious Note, Dirty Pint, Multistory Loo's & Falling Asleep at the Wheel
Aug 23 | 00:42:35
Episode 17 - Sleeping on Water, Duvet Digestion, Controlled Shark Time and Black Holes
Aug 07 | 00:45:42
Ep 16 - Death-Metal Grandma, President Precedent, Wear Someone elses Face & Frickin Laser Tricorders
Jul 27 | 00:38:52
Episode 15 - Sweltering Heat, Sandy Twist, Underpass Hero’s and Santa Pentathlon
Jul 13 | 00:44:09
Episode 14 - Hollow Knights are we, Strange ways to go and Freshly Sliced Pothole
Jun 29 | 00:37:13
Episode 13: World Cup special.. Peruvian Inca Coke, Controversial VAR and devastating Ed’s Balls
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