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Rob Manifield
F1 Everything is a podcast where host Rob Manifield, a Formula 1 fan of 20 years, takes various F1 related topics and talks you through them, providing an in-depth look at the sport for newcomers and long-time fans alike.
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In the fourth edition of F1 Everything Else, Rob discusses Max Verstappen's current drop in form following a disastrous opening three rounds of the 2018 Formula 1 season which has seen spins, crashes and collisions aplenty from the young Red Bull driver.
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In episode seven of F1 Everything, Rob tells you the story behind what is considered by many to be the most controversial Grand Prix weekend in Formula 1 history, the 2005 United States Grand Prix.
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In the third edition of F1 Everything Else, Rob gives his thoughts on the controversial, opinion dividing new safety device that has been introduced into Formula 1 for the 2018 season (and probably beyond), the Halo.
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You are cordially invited to the most prestigious Formula 1 award ceremony of the year (according to Rob, anyway). Welcome to the F1 Everything 'End of Season Awards' for 2017! In this second edition of F1 Everything Else, Rob gives nine awards varying from 'Driver of the Year' to 'WTF Moment of the Year' and provides his own insight into what has been a pretty decent Formula 1 season.
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In episode six of F1 Everything, Rob guides you through the career of one of the sport's most decorated drivers, the incredibly talented yet somewhat flawed four time world champion, Sebastian Vettel.
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Welcome to the first edition of the new side-series of the podcast called 'F1 Everything Else', where Rob talks about his experiences at the 2017 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.
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In episode five of F1 Everything, Rob pays tribute to one of the most naturally talented young drivers we've ever seen, the one and only Jules Bianchi, who tragically passed away at the age of just 25 on July 17th 2015.
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In episode four of F1 Everything, Rob guides you through the career of one of the most naturally talented Formula 1 drivers of all time, the ever popular Fernando Alonso!
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In episode three of F1 Everything, Rob guides you through the entire 1998 Formula 1 world championship, one of the most under-rated seasons in the sports history, which featured the epic season long battle between Mika Häkkinen and Michael Schumacher.
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In episode two of F1 Everything, Rob talks about a driver who is considered by many to be the finest driver of his generation, the now four time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton!
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In the pilot episode of F1 Everything, Rob talks you through the career of arguably the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time, the late Ayrton Senna.
You feel like you're there
Apr 16, 2018 by Ben Fox

Rob really takes you into the moment. Whether it be an event or a person in F1, he guides you so elegantly through some of the most interesting stories. Rob is clearly very knowledgeable and the podcast carries such standing. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about some of the fascinating lives and events.