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Discover the history of how we got here - from the big bang to last week's science breakthroughs. Curiosity fuels creativity. Join us each week as we dive deep into mind-blowing big ideas, and help us make a freaking awesome tomorrow! Discover the Past. Create the Future.

Hosted by three science-loving skeptics: Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules), Rachel Oates, and Thomas Westbrook (Holy Koolaid).
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What is the shape of the earth how can we test it using science? Find out how we know that the earth is round (technically an oblate spheroid). Show notes:

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Today we're looking at the biology, psychology and sociology behind what makes you, you? What makes up your identity and how much of an influence do others have on it? Are we purely physical beings, or is there more to it? Think about creating clones, teleportations, cell renewal and even somehow recreating the human brain in a computer simulation... how do we really know what makes you, you?

Show notes: 

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Where are all the aliens? How many broadcasting alien civilizations exist in the Milky Way, and why haven't we found any? Explore the Drake Equation the Fermi Paradox with us. Show Notes:

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Who created science, if anyone? Where did science come from, and what existed before science? What's the difference between good science and bad science? And Why does it matter? In this episode, we'll dive deep into the history of science! Hosts: Steve Woodford (lead), Rachel Oates, Holy Koolaid Show Notes:

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I like it
Mar 10, 2018 by Thomas Westbrook

I think you'll like it too.

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