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NonSequitur is a Podcast crafted by an uncommon philosophy, where bold Ideas are righteous, unique perspectives are gospel and where strong opinions are sacred. Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae's style of optimistic-sarcasm balances entertainment with information designed to open minds and provoke thought. Each episode features interviews with fascinating and inspirational guests that are making an impact within our social, political or religious culture. While most consider these issues taboo, Nonsequitur defiantly showcases them in passionate debates between leading experts on controversial issues. The result is a podcast unapologetic in it's audacity and relentless in it's originality.
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103 Available Episodes (103 Total)Average duration: 01:43:49
Dec 14 | 01:35:11
Episode 106: Separation of Church and State- AF Alexander
Dec 13 | 01:48:49
Episode 105: Grievance studies: A Conversation with James Lindsay, Ph.D. and Shannon Q:
Dec 11 | 01:29:30
Episode 103: FLATURDAY NIGHT FIGHT [#8] Team Skeptic vs Ryan Casey
Dec 07 | 01:48:04
Episode 102: Meteors, Comets and Tumblr : AstroKirsten
Dec 06 | 01:53:51
Episode 101: James Freeman Stops By + Offended by Christmas Classics?
Dec 04 | 01:58:45
Episode 99: The Right to Offend: A Freedom of Speech Debate | Destiny Vs Ian Miles Cheong
Dec 01 | 01:59:42
Episode 98: Correcting Christianity: Doctrinal Contradictions | Jim Majors
Nov 30 | 01:50:09
Episode 97: Sexually Transmitted Demons | National Christian Counseling Association
Nov 29 | 01:33:10
Episode 96: Theist Turns Atheist Live on Show + Are Agnostics Really Atheists? | The Messianic Manic
Nov 28 | 01:37:10
Episode 95: **SHOCKING ENDING** Lord Rayel: Madonna, Frozen & Twitter Prove He’s Jesus (Part 2)
Mar 06, 2018 by Dave Dallafior

I’ve listened to it 4 times and still haven’t had enough.

Great show!
Mar 06, 2018 by Thomas Westbrook

The NonSequitor show goes above and beyond. The Kent Hovind vs. Aron Ra showdown was epic!

A New Voice For a Community That Has Become Divided.
Mar 05, 2018 by Tony Reed

I first experienced this channel as an invite to a discussion. I had no idea what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how Steve McRae deftly handles divisive issues. This is not to say he has no biases, they certainly are there, but he handles discussions with an interesting compromise between allowing all opinions to be heard, allowing all opinions to be questioned, and a propensity to stay out of the discussion and let ideas flow. Because of this, Influential voices like AronRa, King Crocoduck, and Kent Hovind, who don't all agree, feel confident enough to present their ideas openly and honestly. Definitely worth a listen and a subscription just to avoid some of the best debates on Youtube.

Great conversations with interesting people
Mar 05, 2018 by Heretic Woman

Steve and Kyle do a great job of being fair with everyone, even people they disagree with. They put a lot of work into what they do and it shows. Great conversations and very interesting guests!

Great discussions with interesting people from across the board that will captivate the open-minded.
Mar 05, 2018 by FineMan

I ran across this show on twitter and gave the first episode a try. It's less than a week later now and I've plowed through several more trying to catch up on all their content. I especially enjoyed the discussions with Kent Hovind, or "Dr. Dino". The hosts did a great job moderating and remaining fair and unbiased while no allowing either side to question-dodge as best they could. They also have a YouTube stream so you can tap into some of these discussions with the added visual dimension. This was great with Aron Ra, whose entertaining physical presence is only eclipsed by the enthusiastic machine-gun delivery of pertinent scientific facts. Not all episodes are so emotionally charged, and I enjoy the fluid dialogue that the show presents when the guests have more congenial relationships. I'm definitely staying subscribed to this one.

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