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Chronosphere Fiction is a story telling podcast where writers' creations come to life with sound effects and music.
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Gafgarn, Wither, Illaeda, Sully, and Dorin enter the city of Hausto in search of the Albino Jester. When a passing a Temple of the Void they come upon a crime scene and may be involved in solving a murder.
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Illaeda the Bounty Hunter is on a mission that brings her into the path of Gafgarn and Wither. Remember to visit or to join the community and keep the story going.
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Gafgarn meets Smidgen, King of Bandits. Become part of the Gafgarn Community at Email us at 
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Story #1 begins. Welcome to the world of Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished. A swords and sorcery type adventure written by Jeremiah French. Narrated with voices by Mike Bethel. Music and sound design by Daniel French.
Just keeps getting better: excellent
Jan 10, 2018 by Fishbonius Sound Design

Huge kudos to the writer Jeremiah French and voice actors Mike Bethel, Rosanna Jimeno, Makenzie Jensen, and Migle Zakelyte. Sound fx and music are really stepping up and adding to the experience

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