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North By North Quest is a Dungeons And Dragons story telling podcast.

We’re just a few friends from Atlanta who love all things DnD, fantasy, and nerd-culture. NxNQ is our way of sharing our love of table top gaming with you.

At NxNQ we believe in the power of stories to unite, build, and grow a community. That is our goal. To build a dedicated community around the stories created during our adventures. We want your direct input, suggestions, and of course your support. Through this community you’re not just listening to our story, you’re part of our story.

Now, who’s ready for adventure?!
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Atlanta, GA
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95 Available Episodes (95 Total)Average duration: 00:59:42
Apr 17 | 01:06:31
Episode 94 [Volume 3] - Revenge of the Gith
Apr 10 | 00:49:20
Episode 93 [SQ:R] - The Heralds of Doom (feat. Lauren “Oboecrazy” Urban from Dungeon Drunks and Josh Perault from Taking Initiative)
Apr 03 | 00:52:14
Episode 92 [Volume 3] - The Glass Slipper Challenge
Mar 27 | 01:11:32
Episode 91 [SQ:R] - Araclockra and the Metrognome (feat. Lauren “Oboecrazy” Urban from Dungeon Drunks and Josh Perault from Taking Initiative)
Mar 20 | 01:36:46
Episode 90 [Volume 3] - Polypore in Health, Rich in Heart
Mar 13 | 00:58:19
Episode 89 [SQ:R] - The Bork and the Beautiful (feat. Kelli “theOperaGeek” Butler)
Mar 06 | 00:48:38
Episode 88 [Volume 3] - Duality of the Spore
Feb 27 | 00:57:39
Episode 87 [SQ:R] - A Bardic Duet of One (feat. Kelli “theOperaGeek” Butler)
Feb 20 | 01:08:03
Episode 86 [Volume 3] - Flower Necklace (feat. James Stiver from Loot & Dagger)
Feb 13 | 00:56:25
Episode 85 [SQ:R] - Bobby Fuel (feat. Renee DeAnee from Fate & the Fablemaidens and Kevin Patrick from Bushog)
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