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Co-workers and gal pals Jenn Morrissette, Jess Ryan and Sarah Fenerty navigate the world of the paranormal and share comedic and spine-tingling stories from the realm of the unexplainable and odd. Episodes include themes on ghosts, aliens, UFOs, lore and much, much more. They invite you to share your encounters with the paranormal as well. Follow them on twitter @ghoulsbehindyou
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Fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride along an episode full of bumps and curves. Jess and Jenn examine the most famous haunted doll in the world and folk lore creatures from New England. Get ready to get the goosebumps with these two!
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Jenn, Jess and Sarah are reunited in this week’s episode, which focuses on a haunted road from Nebraska and a doll that inspired multiple movies. Put on your comfy clothes, cuddle up and prepare to get the goosebumps.
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Jenn and Jess celebrate Easter by telling some goose bump worthy ghost stories; including the truth behind the movie "Veronica" and a haunted mansion in Rhode Island.
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Jenn and Jess take on some tales of wronged women; the focus is on Rhode Island vampire Mercy Brown and Ohio native Phoebe Wise.
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In an episode recorded on St. Patrick's Day, Jenn, Jess and Sarah examine portals, sometimes known as energy vortexes, from Vermont and Chicago.
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The gals are back this week to celebrate two famous witches; they focus on the official witch of Salem and the most prolific female serial killer ever.
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This week Jenn and Jess record at the Hotel Portsmouth, which was covered in episode four, and they discuss the world's most haunted bar and a famous court case.
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This week the gal pals take on curses in Connecticut and England, and they debate starting a new club. They need a fourth for their future club, so they can have even numbers for their bowling team.
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Haunted objects take the gal pals by storm in this week's tenth episode. An infamous chair from a small English town and a frightening painting once listed on Ebay are covered.
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The gals are a lady pod squad member down this week, but Jenn and Jess hold down the fort by capitalizing on the worst "holiday" ever: Valentine's Day. They focus on love stories gone awry. Nothing like vengeful and heartbroken ghosts to get you in the loving mood.
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In this week's episode, the gal pals decide to share which haunted houses give them the goosebumps. The Winchester Mystery House and a Hampton, NH house are featured.
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This week the gal pals decide to submerge themselves into the realm of mythical and unexplainable water creature sightings. A friendly mascot from Vermont and an elusive Serpent in Gloucester are examined.
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In the sixth episode, Jenn, Sarah and Jess take a look at movies based on true hauntings. They explore the exorcism of Roland Doe and a famous haunting based in Toronto.
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Jenn, Jess and Sarah take a look at near death experiences in this weeks episode. They discover what makes something a NDE, and find peculiar similarities in many stories. The stories of Peter Panagore and Howard Storm are examined.
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In this week's episode, the gal pals take a look at haunted hotels. The Hotel Portsmouth and two New Orleans hotels are examined.
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In this weeks episode of Don't Look Behind You, Jenn, Jess and Sarah examine true crime stories involving psychics. Psychics Debbie Malone and Mary Pascarella Downey are topics of discussion.
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In the first episode of Don't Look Behind You, Jenn, Jess and Sarah discuss the most haunted doll in the world and a local witch from Hampton, NH.
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In the second episode of Don't Look Behind You, Jenn, Jess and Sarah examine unexplained sightings. They focus on the Men in Black and the Incident at Exeter.
Fascinating and entertaining!
Jan 11, 2018 by agd

5 stars - Fantastic! This podcast is a lot of fun and absolutely intriguing to anybody interested in the Paranormal. The three ladies have a way with the microphone that will capture your attention for the entirety of the podcast. Highly recommended to anybody interested in fun, fascinating, and for real discussions about the Paranormal.

Excellent research with hysterical commentary
Dec 30, 2017 by JDLmanch1287

The main thing I like about this podcast is that ist has a lot of research in it and the girls do a good job of explaining things without it being confusing. The are also quick and funny which makes it very enjoyable.

Paranormal activities discussed both globally and locally in New England
Dec 30, 2017 by 2xSmash

Jess, Sarah, and Jenn do a wonderful job of presenting stories of the supernatural in an energetic and charasmatic podcast that captures the viewers attention. Each of the three provide their own interesting perspectives on strange phenomenon from the past and present found throughout the world. I really enjoyed the first few episodes and am excited for more. A must listen for paranormal enthusiasts.

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