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Welcome to Sects Ed, a podcast that carefully explores and shares the history of unorthodox faiths. Whether it be cults, heresies, or new religious movements, Sects Ed is dedicated to understanding the beliefs of peripheral faiths and teaching you both how the world viewed them and how they viewed themselves. Thank you for joining us as we analyze religious groups outside the mainstream whose histories are often overlooked. We post new episodes bi-weekly on Tuesdays.
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East Lansing, MI
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20 Available Episodes (20 Total)Average duration: 00:37:23
Nov 01 | 00:45:41
Contemporary Satanism, Part 2: Devil's Advocates
Oct 09 | 00:32:37
Contemporary Satanism, Part 1: Speak of the Devil
Sep 27 | 00:37:08
"The" "Discordian" "Episode"
Sep 13 | 00:34:26
Mahdist Revolution, Part 2: Melankhalifa
Aug 25 | 00:38:17
Mahdist Revolution, Part 1: A Mahdist Proposal
Aug 10 | 00:47:13
Holy Rola
Jul 26 | 00:27:52
Frum Here to Eternity
Jul 12 | 00:35:13
Taiping Rebellion, Part 2: Sibling Rivalry
Jun 30 | 00:51:39
Sectstra Credit, Episode 1: Lost in the Flood
Jun 28 | 00:29:54
Taiping Rebellion, Part 1: Big Brother Is Watching You
For the Inquisitive Mind
Jul 31, 2019 by Always Learning

If you’ve ever been curious about how religions formed but didn’t want to read through all of the textbooks and research documents (or didn’t have the time), this podcast has you covered. Intriguing and informative, each episode focuses on the history behind a different religious group while maintaining a sense of neutrality. Give this podcast a go and lend these gentlemen your ears.

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