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We're a weekly movie podcast for cineastes, cinephiles, cinema snobs, and you know...everyone else! We're going one by one through the Sight and Sound list of Greatest Movies of All Time. Listen up and find out if agree with Sight and Sound's summation of cinema history. And as a bonus, if you listen to this podcast you are eligible to become a bona fide cinephile.
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Los Angeles, CA
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157 Available Episodes (157 Total)Average duration: 00:59:27
Jan 15 | 00:52:59
Ep 81: The Magnificent Ambersons with Joseph McBride
Dec 24 | 01:13:41
Flixwise: CANADA Ep. 27 - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Dec 11 | 01:02:03
Flixwise: CANADA Ep. 26 - A History of Violence & Eastern Promises
Nov 29 | 01:09:09
Flixwise: CANADA Ep. 25 - Broadcast News
Nov 20 | 01:03:05
Flixwise: The Other Side of the Wind ft. Joseph McBride
Oct 25 | 01:31:21
Flixwise: CANADA Ep. 24 - Luis Buñuel: Piety & Heresy
Oct 16 | 01:05:14
Ep 117: Trouble in Paradise with Professor Joseph McBride
Oct 05 | 00:52:17
Flixwise: CANADA Ep. 23 – David and Lisa
Sep 25 | 01:09:34
Ep. 73: Children of Paradise
Aug 21 | 01:24:49
FF 35: Burlesque
An erudite and extremely entertaining cinema podcast!

A hugely enjoyable series of movie discussions led by filmmakers Pauline “Lady P” Lampert and Martin Kessler. Originally the aim of the project was to cover all the movies on the Sight and Sound critics' Top 250 films of All Time list, but they've now branched out to include a 'Flixwise Favourites' strand, based on listener suggestions, and Flixwise: Canada, which reviews films selected by Martin. These additional strands add a much needed corrective to the Sight and Sound list, which leans rather heavily on 'important' or 'serious' films at the expense of films aimed at a wider audience. The discussions are reliably thoughtful and funny, and have given me a greater appreciation of a number of films that I've already seen, and a long list of others to add to my 'must watch' list!

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