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Movie Guys {dot} org presents the Intermission Podcast! What exactly is this Intermission Podcast? I’ll try to explain it as best I can. The Intermission Podcast is a funny movie podcast and the brainchild of a couple friends who spent most of their high school careers at the movie theater. Both Craig and Josh worked in a small town theater, and when they weren’t working, they were watching every movie they could. In fact, they spent so much time at the theater both of them flunked out of high school and had to sell their bodies on the street to pay the bills. To this day Josh still wakes up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, crying and screaming something about “If you want that it’ll cost you extra!!!”
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151 Available Episodes (151 Total)Average duration: 01:14:26
Aug 21 | Unknown
A Chicken Sandwich, Cheez Balls, and the Minivan of Game Consoles – MMG #1
Oct 30 | 01:12:32
#168 The Hitman's Bodyguard
Oct 03 | 01:22:52
#167 The Ghost Reaper Challenge
Sep 14 | 01:10:30
#166 Obi Wan Kenobi Movie?
Aug 28 | 01:10:54
#165 Netflix and The Dark Tower
Aug 21 | 01:12:11
#164 The Room Movie Review and Atomic Blonde
Aug 14 | 01:17:59
#163 Shark Week!
Aug 07 | 01:13:18
#162 The Disaster Artist and War for the Planet of the Apes
Jul 31 | 01:15:19
#161 Brillantes and Zoombies Review
Jul 18 | 01:18:33
Spiderman Homecoming and Masterminds – Intermission 160
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