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Welcome to the Shaken Not Nerd Podcast!

Each week our hosts Ian, Tom, Ollie and Dudi discuss whats going on in the nerd world. Whether its a new Star Wars movie, the next installation of the Marvel Cinematic universe or DC movie universe, Reviewing and discussing whats going on in the gaming world, the occasional comic review or being requested to watch something out of the ordinary like Sherlock Gnomes (listener request.. we really didn't want to watch it)

But what sets us apart from other podcasts? Well, besides being Australian (i hear people love our accent) we have events. Live shows! Convention interviews, and once a year we have SHARK WEEK where we review a new Shark movie and talk like pirates

So whether your a fan of the DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo check out Shaken Not Nerd? We promise you'll laugh at least once!
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Melbourne, Victoria
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157 Available Episodes (157 Total)Average duration: 01:19:59
Apr 18 | 00:52:00
Shaken Not nOOb - Episode 25 - Controllers and Sea of Thieves
Apr 14 | 01:29:55
114 Hellboy Review
Apr 11 | 00:27:54
Shaken Not nOOb - Episode 24 - Get Well Fuzzy
Apr 07 | 01:34:01
113 - Shazam! review
Apr 04 | 00:45:45
Shaken Not nOOb - Episode 23 - Mortal Kombat 11 Beta, Battlefront 2 DLC and DMC review
Mar 31 | 01:15:49
Episode 112 - Shazam - Who is he?
Mar 28 | 00:41:01
Shaken Not nOOb - Episode 22 - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Mar 24 | 01:26:35
Episode 111 - The Fellowship of the Nerd
Mar 21 | 00:57:40
Shaken Not nOOb - Episode 21 - R6 Siege Australian Operators and Retro Revival Devil May Cry 3
Mar 17 | 01:37:36
Episode 110 - Retro Revival - The Mummy (The good one)
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